Friday, 4 September 2015

A Much Better Day

I have been a much happier puss today 'cos we were all at home just footering around and not doing very much at all which suits me fine.

I am very glad that my humans have been with me 'cos the weather on my little island is still awful and not good enough for me to be outside playing so I needed to play inside to get rid of all my energy and I decided to see if the old dear still remembered the signal. She was sitting on the couch so I sat at her feet and just stared at her and when she looked at me, I looked at one of my toys and guess what? She remembered!! Oh what a clever puss I am. I taught her so well she didn't forget.

We went over to where all my toys are kept and the old dear got down on the floor beside me and we played for a long, long time which was just brilliant. I picked up my little mouse with my front paws and then I managed to pick up another one with my back feets and that made her giggle and I felt very clever indeed.

I love playing with my humans and we have lots of fun together and even though I will soon be a whole six years old, my MH says I play like a kitten and she loves it and hopes I never get too old for it, but I think I will stay a kitten for ever and ever.

My poor old MH is not happy at all 'cos if you remember I told you she got half of our grass cut last weekend and the grass has been so wet all week that she doesn't know when she will get the other half cut. It is a shame! That's why I am trying to cheer her up by playing with her 'cos I know it always makes her happy.

Oh, I am such a thoughtful little puss, am I not?

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