Monday, 14 September 2015

A Peedie Surprise

I got a wee surprise this morning and I liked it a lot. As you know, it is Monday and I think you all know the routine in my house on a Monday and today was no exception with my DH nipping away on the boat and my MH doing all her housework and yours truly taking to my bed out of the way of the vacuum cleaner because it was raining and not a day to be out playing.

I was in the middle of a lovely dream about birdies and mouses when I heard my MH calling my name. I must admit that I was so comfortable that I sort of ignored her and just snuggled up in my bed, but she called again so I decided to see what the old dear wanted and that's when I got my surprise. We went for a walk! A real outside together walk. And it was great.

We first went to feed the birdies and then 'cos the rain was off, went for a walk down the road a wee bit and I did lots of running and sniffing while my MH talked to me and smiled at my tail which had all spread out and was wagging high up in the air. I did look cute. But then, I always do!

I had a rest till my DH came home to us and then I nipped out the window for a wee while, but unfortunately the rain came on quite heavy while I was out and I had to run home very quickly. My DH let me in and as he was busy telling my MH that I was soaking wet, I shooked my adorable little body to make me a bit drier and when I did this, my DH got sort of soaking wet and had to go and get changed.

He was a wee bit not happy, but me and my MH had a giggle together. We didn't let him see us 'cos he might have been a wee bit upset! Bless!!

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  1. How nice to have a real outside walk with your MH. I am glad that you have a safe and interesting place to walk. It would be hard to do that here because I live on a busy road.