Sunday, 13 September 2015

A Surprise

I like Sunday. It is a very lazy day in my house and my humans don't do anything very much and when they have to do something, they do it slowly, so I like that. And today I got a big surprise 'cos my friend S. came to see me. Now, S. has been away on holiday and although I knew she was home, I must have forgotten, 'cos I was very happy when she comed to see me today. I got a great big cuddle which I loved.

I played outside a lot and I was very happy that it wasn't raining so I stayed out for a long time just sniffing and playing. Lots of the birdies that came to my little island for their holidays have gone away home again so it is very quiet now although there are still some swallows in the big shed beside my house, but they have stopped dive-bombing me now 'cos my MH gave them a good telling off I am happy to say.

I watched my MH making some more of her cards and then I signaled to her that I was getting a bit bored and she tooked me outside to play and she watched me as I ran all over my garden and then rolled on my path. I love doing that and it makes my humans smile.

I have had a very good Sunday and now I am having my after dinner snooze which means that when I waken up I shall be heading out to play again for a while.It is getting dark earlier and earlier now and I like being out at night 'cos I can still see very well in the dark time so I need to sleep very fast so that I can get out to play quicker.

Oh yippee!

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