Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Very Good Day...

.... and another admirer.

We were all a bit busy this morning 'cos as you know, we had visitors coming and my humans wanted to get all ready for them, so they were busy in my house and I decided that the best place for me would be outside, so I made myself very busy in the fields for a while until I knew it would be safe to go home again.

My DH went away to the pier and I stayed home with the old dear and I was a tiny bit nervous and a great big bit excited, so I went away into the bedroom and just lay there until the lady visitor came. I listened a lot before I finally wandered into my living room and I had a good sniff at said visitor, and it was OK although I did detect D-O-G!!

I liked the lady 'cos she let me sit on her knee and she did agree that yours truly was, and is, adorable. 'Nuff said! All the humans were chattering away, so I sat on the back of my couch and half listened and half snoozed until I heard a voice that I know and love so well. It was my bestest friend S. and she had come to see our visitor too. I ran really quickly to meet her and this made the new lady smile 'cos my MH had told her that S. was my friend and I just sort of proved it.

A wee minute or two later, two more of our friends came in so I had lots of knees to sit on and lots of sniffing to do and to be quite honest, my little sniffer is a wee bit tired now, so I am going to have a snooze and then I shall go outside to see if I can find some little mouses to tell my story to.

I have had a very good time and I hope you have had a good day too.

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