Thursday, 24 September 2015

Another Quiet Day

I have had a good day but a very quiet one 'cos my MH was away swimming and it was just me and my DH in my house all day. I got up as usual with the old dear and played outside for a while until I knew it was about time to go in for my wee drop of milk. I can time this almost to perfection now and I never miss a drop of milk which I think is brilliant.

At half past ten o'clock, I sat on my path and watched my MH drive away down the road in her little kangaroo and I was a wee bit sad, but then I went and found my DH and we cheered one another up and then I decided to have another nap and I took my adorable little self off to my bed for a while but every now and then I would find my DH and make sure he was doing fine.

I went outside again later in the afternoon and as soon as I saw the little kangaroo coming back up the road, I sat on the path and waited till my MH got out and then I got a great big cuddle. It was quite funny though when we went in 'cos my MH thought I had been outside waiting for her all day, but my DH told her the truth and we all laughed.

I don't have any more news for you, but I have had a good day and I am hoping that I have a good night too.

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