Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Another Surprise

I have been able to play outside all day today 'cos my little weather man friend has sent some quite good weather to my little island and both my humans were very happy at that. My DH had lots of things to do outside and my MH was able to hang out her washing on my clothes poles. You will all know that I had a run up all the clothes poles and I sat at the top while the old dear put all her little pegs in the clothes and then stuck them to the rope and I made sure she did it properly.

When she went inside, I went away into the fields for a long time and it was when I came home again that I got my today's surprise 'cos there were visitors in my house and I never noticed them coming in, so it was a big surprise. They had come all the way from California 'cos some of their ancestors used to stay in my house and they wanted to see it.

When I wandered in, they stroked me and told my MH that they thought I was beautiful but they weren't in my house long enough to get the full force of my adorableness. Maybe they will come back again sometime.

I have had a very good day, but I'm afraid tomorrow isn't going to be great for this little puss 'cos both my humans are going away out all day. My DH is going to the Cat Shop and my MH is having a day out with her friends so yours truly will be left all alone.

I shall ask my little weather man friend to keep my weather good so that the window can be left open and I can play until they come home again.

I shall be fine. Not the happiest, you understand, but fine.

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