Friday, 11 September 2015

Friday Fun

I have had a brilliant day today and even the wind and some rain didn't spoil it for me. My DH was so very pleased with himself for cutting the grass yesterday and my MH was delighted too 'cos it has been quite blowy on my little island and the old dear would have found it hard to cut the grass in the wind, and I think she might not have done it, but she didn't have to and that made her very happy. And when the Boss is happy, we are all happy.

I helped her do some housework that she didn't do yesterday and we kept having a wee rest for a seat and a chat and I purred lots and lots until my DH came home with our messages and I played with the string, as usual. I slided all over my kitchen floor and jumped on the string until it was dead and then I did it all over again and that made my humans laugh a lot.

In the afternoon, it was time to help my MH as she was making some more of her cards and I sat on the back of the couch while she was at the table and she told me what she was doing and asked me if I liked the colours and this time I didn't jump on the table and scatter all her wee bits of paper 'cos I know that makes her a wee bit not too happy with me. I just sat and watched and purred my approval.

In between all my bits of work, I went outside to play and once or twice I nipped into our greenhouse to see what the old boy was doing and I sat on the chair and listened very carefully while he told me. I think I must be a very clever puss with all the things that are inside this adorable little head.

I hope you like this picture of me. My MH tooked it when we were sitting together on our bed and I think I look very thoughtful----as well as adorable!


  1. Dear Squeak, I do really like this picture of you, and wish I could give you a little skritch under your chin. Hugs to you.

  2. Thank you Bonnie. My MH gave my adorable little chin a wee scratch and told me it was from you, so thank you so very, very much. Here is a very special purr from me to you.