Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I'm in trouble....

..... big trouble! I meant well, but it went a wee bit wrong. Shall I explain? Of course I shall 'cos I know you will want to hear all about it.

Well, last night as I was lying on my MH's knee on my couch I heard her telling my DH that she needed to go away on the first boat so she would have to set the alarm to help her get up early. Well, I decided that I would try and get some brownie points and I would waken her up instead. And I did. There was just one wee tiny snag. It was only five o'clock in this morning! Oops!

It took the old dear a wee minute or two to work out what was happening 'cos she was sound asleep and I had tried my purrs and my squeaks and even stamping my adorable little feets on her chest didn't work, so I licked her nose and that did the trick! We wandered into the kitchen and then she looked at the clock. I can't tell you the next bit, 'cos this is a family blog, but we ended up back in our little bed and this time I let the alarm do its work. So guess what I have to learn to do next? Yep. Tell the time! She forgave me though and we all know why, sure we do? 'Cos she loves me---millions!

I stayed home with my DH but when I was out playing I got a big surprise when I saw my MH's little kangaroo coming back home and she was a lot earlier than I had thought, but I wasn't complaining. We spent the whole afternoon together and I got lots of cuddles which I just loved.

I don't have any more news for you but maybe I will have some more tomorrow. My DH is going to the Cat Shop, but I think I will let the alarm waken him up. He might not be just as understanding! Hee hee

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