Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Just Another Wednesday

I think I will have to find myself a hobby or a job or something interesting to do 'cos I don't have any news for you at all. Well, I have very little news. I haven't been doing anything wildly interesting at all and if I made something up to tell you, I would probably forget what I told you and then you would know I was making a fib and that wouldn't be good at all, would it?

So, the day started with me and my MH saying cheerio to the old boy as he skipped off to the Cat Shop. Ah, that is a wee fib 'cos my DH NEVER skips---he walked to the car then he drove to the pier and he sailed to Stromness and then walked to the shop. That is the truth, but it doesn't sound nearly as interesting , does it? Maybe a wee fib every now and then is OK? What do you think?

Anyway, me and my MH sat on our couch for a while as she was taking her breakfast and then I got the last wee drop of milk. Oh, I do love that drink of milk and it makes my MH smile when she hears me lapping it up. I went out to play for a while and I sat in my garden watching all the cows, but oh dear, what a noise they were making today. I think the bully boy might have said something to upset all the ladies and they were all shouting at him. It's just a shame they had to do all that outside my window.

When my adorable little lugs got too sore, I went back indoors just in time to catch my MH changing the beds and so I was just in time to play our very favourite game of hide and Squeak and I dived under the duvets and she tickled me and I loved every single minute of it.

So you see, although I don't do very much, I still can have great fun.

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