Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Much Quieter

I have had a good day today, but a much quieter one than yesterday. I sat on my window sill for a long time just waiting for the nice farmer next door to drive by my house in his tractor, but he must have been busy somewhere else on my little island 'cos he never came. I was a bit disappointed but my MH knew that and she played more with me and that always helps. Maybe tomorrow?

But! If he doesn't come tomorrow, then I can go to him. I know where to go and I know where the tractor sleeps at night and maybe I could even go and have my sleep in the tractor and then I could nip back into my little bed before the old dear wakens up and notices that I'm not there. Oh yes, that is just the brilliantest idea ever. I am such a clever Squeak.

I have been outside lots of times, but the best fun I had was when I was sitting on my window sill watching one of the farmers putting lots of cows in the field right in front of my house. I decided to stay indoors 'cos it was a lot safer there. Those cows are BIG. Even the little ones are much huger that me, so I keep well away when they are moving, just in case!

My friend S. is home again so my MH didn't have to go away to see another puss today although she did go and visit one of her friends and she made me stay in the house 'cos she knew that I would walk with her and she didn't want me to do that 'cos she was going to a house with some other pussy cats who stay out all the time and there are some hens there too, so it was better for me to stay at home, but I don't like it when she goes away without me.

She wasn't away too long and then we had a play together before it was time for my dinner and then another trip outside. I am going to have a snooze just now and then when I waken I will have to decide if I am going into the field to have a word with the cows or if I shall wander over to the farm next door and jump up into the tractor.

I have almost decided and I will tell you tomorrow.

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