Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Oh Dear..... little weather man friend didn't hear me and he let the rain come to my little island today which meant I was in my house all alone all day, and not very happy at all about it.

And as well as that. Do you remember that I was going to try and learn to tell the time so that I could help my MH waken up when she had to get the early boat? Well, I have been trying to, but I am afraid I still have some way to go 'cos I helped her again to waken up early today except it was at half past five o'clock in this morning! She was a bit happy that I had helped her but asked me to let the alarm do the job in future 'cos it was a bit too early for her. But she wasn't angry with me and you all know why. She loves me MILLIONS!!

So, she went away on the early boat. Well, actually, she nearly missed it and if I tell you why, you have to promise to keep it our secret. My DH had been working on her little kangaroo yesterday and he left the ignition switched on all night so when she went to make it go this morning, it wouldn't! Oops. She had to waken him up to take her to the boat, but she wasn't too angry with him either although she might have been if she had missed her day out with her friends. Oh dear.

A while later, my DH went away and because it was raining and not very nice, he had to close the window, so I decided the best thing I could do would be to go back to my little bed and have a sleep until they comed home to me. And that's just what I did. Well, I had been up early, hadn't I?

I have been very well cuddled since they came home and right now I have taken up my favourite position of lying on her lap top while my MH is telling you all about me. And I am very happy 'cos she has just told me that because P. has visitors coming tomorrow, they are not going swimming and she will be here all day with me.

Am I happy? No.......I am delirious!

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