Saturday, 12 September 2015

Squeak's Saturday

I have had a very good day, although not a busy or exciting day, but sometimes it is good just to have very little to do and to be very honest, my dear friends it wasn't a great day for being out to play, so I was quite content being indoors and getting lots and lots of attention. And because the weather wasn't great, my two humans were indoors with me which is just how I like it, although my MH did go away out to do some crafty things with her friends, so I had to look after the old boy, which I did very well.

I have had lots of sleeps and lots of cuddles so I don't really want much more than that. In fact, when my MH went away in her little kangaroo, I just tooked to my bed and slept till she came back to me, but all the time there was one adorable little lug listening in case the old boy needed me, but he didn't so we were OK.

So, that has been my day really and now it is raining and winding all over my little island, so I may not be staying out very late tonight. I always go out when my MH goes to sleep. In fact, I have about three turns outside and each one a wee bit longer than the one before and sometimes, when my DH is in the study playing on his computer, I have to sit on the windowsill and knock the window with my little paw until he comes and lets me in again and that is when I have a wee nibble at my biscuits before shooting back into the bedroom where I snuggle up beside my MH and sleep till the morning time.

I do love my weekends and I hope you love yours too.

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