Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Another crackin' day for this peedie puss! Oh I am a deliriously happy little Squeak.

As soon as I wakened this morning and saw that the sun was still shining, I wakened my MH and told her 'cos I knew she would be very happy. And she was. I did my usual gulping down of my breakfast and then shot out of the window just to feel the warm and I liked it a lot.

My MH was doing some housework inside my house, but my DH was outside with me and him and me wandered all over my garden finding little things to do. I have made my DH very happy 'cos I talk to him a lot and the poor old soul hasn't worked out that I am still teaching him what to do to make me happy. My MH has already learned so I don't need to keep telling her, but the old boy isn't just as quick, but he is happy with his lessons.

I helped my MH when she came out to hang her washing on the rope and did my usual pole dance for her but then I made my humans howl with laughter when I raced round the corner of my garden and threw myself into the pampas grass. It is one of my very favourite outside games and my DH said that I am going to get a big fright if they ever take that away. Ooopps! Can you picture it. Squeak flying up to the top of the grass then launching myself into----NOTHING! Thud! Oh dear. I hope the pampas grass stays with me till I am a very old kitten cat.

I had more good fun when my MH decided to wash the outsides of my windows and of course I had to help her and she talked to me all the time. Actually, one of the reasons I don't talk to her, is that I can't get my turn! Just kidding, MH---honest.

The only not good thing was that I got de-flead and de-wormed. Yukk. The old dear really is getting quite sneaky 'cos she creeps up on me when I am half dozing and she strokes me, then pounces with the horrible medicine stuff which I do not like.

Ah well, that's it over for another while and maybe next time I will be a lot quicker.

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  1. Dear Squeak, you must know that your MH gives you the flea and worm stuff because she loves you. I am glad you have been having such good days.