Friday, 30 October 2015

Play Times

I have had lots of play times today--- inside and out and I have been very busy. I was outside rather early this morning and it was fine and dry so I stayed out for a very long time and wandered through all my favourite places before I went home to see what my humans were doing.

They were both sitting in my living room just waiting for me to come home so I sat with my MH and drinked up my breakfast milk while she stroked my little lugs. She did some ironing so I sat up at the sink and watched her. She put a wee drop of water into the basin for me and I played with that for a while. I sit at the side of the sink and just swish the water with my little paw and it makes bubbles which I try to catch. I have great fun doing this and I stayed there all the time she was ironing.

Our next job was to put the ironing away and when she was finished doing that, we played hide and Squeak and I dived under my blanket which is always on top of my bed and I purred really loudly when my MH wrapped me up and tickled me. I love that game, but at the end of it, I always fall asleep and so my MH just goes away and leaves me sleeping all wrapped up and she says she thinks I look adorable and I am very much inclined to agree!

I had another play outside for a while and then I helped my MH make up all the bags for halloween tomorrow. There is a party in the Hall tomorrow night for all the humans and my MH leads all the games, so we had lots to do this afternoon and I watched as she filled all the bags with things for the little children and then I sat on her knee as she told me all the things they would be doing. I like all the little children on my island and sometimes I wish I could play the games with them, but I'm afraid animals are not allowed. Even adorable little ones such as I.

But, being a very special puss, I understand!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Good Fun

I have had another very good day and I have a story for you which I hope you will like. But, it has to be a secret just between you and me 'cos if my dear old MH knew, she would be quite upset and she wouldn't do it again which would be a great shame.

My day started off as usual with a quick wander round my garden to see how things were and when I saw that all was well, I went back in for my wee drop of milk and then I had a seat on my MH's knee for a wee chat which made me very happy. A while later, we went out to feed the birdies and even before we had got back into my house, there was a great big queue of little hungry birdies having a feed and a chat and I just sat on my window sill watching them. I am happy that my humans give them some dinner and my humans are happy that I am kind to these little birdies.

Later in the afternoon, my MH decided to play on her Wii and I lay on the couch watching her and it was then that I saw one of the funniest things I have ever seen. She was playing golf and lots of times she wriggled her bum like I wriggle mine, but I can tell you that it was nowhere as adorable as when I do it, but oh my dear friends it was so, so funny. I started off smiling, then I had a giggle, but by the time she was finished her round of golf I was so helpless with laughter that I nearly fell off my couch. I am still laughing when I think about it. :-)))

Oh, I hope she does it again tomorrow and if I can ever learn how to work her camera, I will show you and you can smile too.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Very Lazy Day

It has not been a bad day, but it has not been a very good day either, and definitely not my usual Wednesday day. The morning bit was the same, as my humans went away in the little kangaroo so that my MH could take the old boy to the boat and that was fine 'cos I just waited till she came home again, which wasn't too long.

When she did come home, we had a long seat on my couch just talking about this and that, but nothing very serious and we had plenty of time as she wasn't doing any housework and it was very fine. I was extremely comfortable on her knee getting my adorable little lugs scratched---or as they say on my little island---itched. I got my little lugs itched and it was just beautiful.

So, all was well until just after lunch time when she told me she was going out for the afternoon to visit one of my friends and because the wind was blowing, she couldn't leave the window open for me. Ho hum. So, I am afraid I spent the rest of my afternoon snoozing on various seats in my house with my only exercise moving from one room to another.

However as soon as the old dear came back, I assumed my rightful position on her knee as she told me all the things she had done in the afternoon and I listened very carefully before I told her I was a tad on the hungry side and would she please stop talking and feed me. I don't do it often, but sometimes I just have to be masterful. Especially when my adorable little tummy is empty! Hee hee.

It is still rather windy, but I shall endeavour to wander outside once I have had my evening snooze. I am not really tired, but it is my routine and if I don't do that then the humans might think there is something wrong with me and I wouldn't like to worry them!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Still Good Fun Time

I have had another good day. I had a very good sleep 'cos I was a tired little puss last night. I had great fun playing outside until it was very late last night so I didn't want to get up too early today, but as soon as I was wakened, I went outside to see what was happening and everything on my little island was good.

I stayed out a long time, but I got a surprise when I went back inside 'cos although my MH had finished her breakfast, she kept some milk just for me and I lapped it up and then gave her a very special purr which made her very happy. My humans did wee bits of work inside my house, but they also had lots of time for me and I was quite content just following them around and watching what they were doing.

My DH is still managing to bring in some little tomatoes for the Boss and she likes that. He thinks they are his but I know they are the ones that I looked after and purred to when they were growing. It doesn't really matter whose they are as long as my MH likes them---but they ARE mine!! :-))

In this afternoon, me and my MH went into the gym again and because it was later than normal, she had to put the light on and it made it feel all different for me. I don't think I have been in there before when the light was on but now that the clocks have changed (properly!!) it is getting dark really early and we don't want the old dear to get lost, do we? I liked it with the light on and I was able to see more things which was good.

I thought you might like to see a picture of the bully boy in the field. I call him Mr. Grumpy 'cos he is always making loud groaning noises and I don't think he is very friendly so I keep well away from him. Maybe one day he will smile at me and we can have a little chat, but till then I am staying on my side of the fence and he can stay on his.

I don't have lots of news but I have had a good day and I will be going out to play in a wee while although I think I might have an early night tonight as these late nights are putting bags under these adorable little eyes. And that will never do now, will it? Hee hee.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Much Better

So,the Graemsay weather forecast. Damp but not raining and breezy but not a gale, so not bad at all for this little puss. I was up and out of the window like a shot this morning while my DH was getting ready for the Cat Shop and my MH was getting ready to play with all her cleaning stuffs. I just nipped in right on time to get my wee drop of milk which I just loved.

My humans went away to the pier 'cos my DH's car is still not going and my MH had to take him, but I wasn't worried 'cos she told me she was coming home to me soon, and she did. We had a seat together on my couch and then we went outside while she fed the birdies and I explored my garden and had a run round about chasing imaginary monsters and killing them of course!

My morning was spent either in my garden watching the birdies or on my bed dreaming of saving the world.I like watching the little birdies and my MH says I am a very good puss for not chasing them 'cos they are hungry and need peace to have something to eat so I just leave them alone.

In the afternoon, me and the Boss went into the gym and I watched her for a while as her little legs did all their exercises, but every now and then I would go and play on the grass when I knew she was OK. When she was finished her gym work she stayed out with me and that's when she tooked these pictures of me.

I shall explain them, but you will need a wee bit of imagination and I am sure you will get the full picture. If you see what I mean? The first picture sees me sniffing the air 'cos I am sure I can smell monsters and I need to get rid of them, and in the second picture I am in preparatory mode and this is where you need to use your imagination and think of my adorable little bum wriggling from side to side. But look at my lugs! They are definitely ready and I am just about to spring and that's just what I have done in the last picture which is a wee bit blurred 'cos I am moving at the speed of sound again.

Oh I do love being outside, especially when my MH is with me capturing my every move for you.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Nearly, but not quite.

Ho hum. It has been another not very good day for weather on my little island, but as you would expect, I have made the most of it. We all had an extra wee while in our beds today 'cos my MH had finally got all our clocks to be the same as everybody else when she put them back on the right day! My DH just shooked his head again, but he didn't say anything. Wise man!

When I looked out of my window I saw that it as still raining so that meant that I would be indoors for most of the day, but I asked my MH to play with me, and she did. We were both in the kitchen and when she was finished, instead of going into my living room with her, I scooted very quickly into my bedroom and she knew this was the cue for playing. So she followed me and we had great fun. She covered me all up in my blanket and tickled me lots and lots and I just loved it, and so did she.

I was sitting on my window sill and when my MH looked for me, she saw this rainbow so she tooked this picture for you and we both hope you like it. We did manage a wee trip out into my garden for a minute or two to feed the birdies but it was too wet and cold to stay out too long so we just went inside and played some more.

I am listening to a weather man on my television. He is not my friend the weather man, but he is saying that the weather on my little island might be a wee bit better tomorrow.

Will I get a walk at last I wonder? Watch this space.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Rained Off

I have not been too happy today because the rain has never stopped pouring down on us. Oh dear. I did manage to get out for a while before bed time last night, but every time I wakened up through the night, I could hear the rain hitting my window, so I didn't even disturb the old dear. I just snuggled up close and went back to sleep again.

When it was time for us all to get up, my poor old MH was not happy when she opened our curtains and saw that it was raining. She told me that if it went off, we would have our walk, but do you know something? It didn't go off and we didn't get our walk and she was so upset. But---if it a better day tomorrow, we WILL have a walk.

I had a couple of trips outside all by myself but I didn't spend too much time there as it was wet and cold and every time I went home, I had to wait until my humans got the tissues out to dry me. I love getting dried and I purr all the time they are rubbing my adorable little body.

I am getting ready to settle down with my MH to watch 'Strictly' and then I will try and get out to play---but only if the rain goes off. Sigh!

Friday, 23 October 2015

A Bit Better

The naughty wind finally decided to leave my little island and went away to blow someplace else, so today has been a lot better for this little puss. And not just because there was no wind. No, it was because there was very little housework done in my house, so my humans had lots of time for me and there were cuddles for me just as often as I wanted them. I was able to get out to play lots of times and although it was cold, I still had good fun and I was very happy.

I don't know what was wrong with me through the night. Maybe it was another one of my bad dreams, but I wakened up in desperate need of a cuddle, so I wakened my MH and snuggled up beside her until I felt a lot better, and my MH told me that it made her feel lots better too, but that was after she had wakened up again!

I haven't done very much outside as it is quite lonely on my little island. All the sheeps are away in another field,most of the birdies are away on their holidays and it is only Mr. Bully Boy who is in the field opposite my house and as he is still very grumpy, I have decided not to go too near him so I just send him some purrs through the fence but I'm afraid he just roars back at me so I am going to keep my very precious purrs for those who deserve them.

I know that there is always something for me to do in my house and even when my humans are busy, if I really need them then they stop what they are doing and play with me, so apart from getting some fresh air in my adorable little lungs, I can get everything else in my house.

I am a wee bit excited 'cos my MH noticed that she didn't have any new pictures of me to show you and she has promised to take me for a walk tomorrow if the weather is OK, so my little paws are crossed 'cos I just love our girlie walks.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

What a wind!

Wow, it has been windy! Really, really windy and I have been inside nearly all day, but I did get into a wee bit of trouble from the Boss this afternoon.

Me and my MH had difficulty sleeping last night. Maybe I should change that a bit 'cos I never have trouble sleeping, but my MH doesn't like the wind too much and it wakened her up when it rattled my house last night and she got up. I got up too, but not because I was frightened but I just thought that as the old dear was up anyway, she might just swing past my dinner dish and give me a wee feed. Which she did. Goodie. By the way, the old boy didn't even know there WAS a wind! Sigh.

Now, because it was too windy for us to go out, my humans decided to do lots of housework so there were lots of dusters flying about as well as the vacuum cleaner and a few other bottles and potions which she needed, so I just took to my bed until the coast was clear and then I reappeared for a cuddle which just happened to be right beside my MH.

A while later, she started to cook the dinner and it was then that I got into trouble---nearly! Picture the scene. The wind was howling outside and my MH was playing with the frying pans at the cooker and this adorable little puss decided to go out. I asked my MH to open the door for me and she stopped what she was doing and opened said door. I then stuck my little nose out in the wind and scooted back into the kitchen leaving the old dear to shut the door and return to her cooking.

Two minutes later I decided that maybe I was a bit stronger and so I asked her again, and again she had to stop and open the door for me but this time I made her smile as I sniffed the outside and turned back, then stopped and went back to the door, sniffed again then wriggled my adorable little bum and shot out the door leaving my MH to get back to the cooker before the dinner burned. I really would have been in trouble if that had happened. Big, big trouble!

I know you have heard this story before 'cos I am afraid it is something I do rather often and one of these days my MH really is going to be annoyed with me. But I have to be sure it is safe in the big outside before I venture out, and I am sure that she understands that, so I think I am safe for a while.

I didn't stay out too long and right now I am back on my couch and the wind is still howling outside but just a wee bit less than it has been and my little weather man friend says it will go away later on tonight, so I shall probably get out to play later on. I hope.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wonderful Wednesday

I have had a good day. Even though the weather wasn't too brilliant, it wasn't as bad as my little weather man friend said it would be and me and my MH had our normal Wednesday together. My DH thought he might not be able to go to Stromness but the sea wasn't very rough so the boat tooked him away and he was happy 'cos he likes working there. His car is still a wee bit sick, so my MH had to take him in her kangaroo, but she told me what she was doing, so I didn't get upset this time and just waited till she comed home again to me.

She told me to do all my playing outside today because it is going to be very windy on my little island tomorrow and all the boats have been cancelled, so it is a good job they didn't want to go anywhere tomorrow. They will just be staying home with me, so I guess sometimes the wind is good! My MH thinks I won't be going out tomorrow in case I get blowed away and we don't want that now, do we?

So, we had a very good day. A nice quiet day with lots of seats and cuddles and a little trip into the gym, but we didn't play much in my garden as it was a wee bit windy and a bit too cold for the old dear so we just went back into my couch and had another seat on my couch while we waited for my DH to come home to us.

Although I haven't done anything wildly exciting, I still have had a very good day and I have liked it a lot!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A Very Quiet Day.....

..... but a good day just the same. I was out quite late last night since it was a fine night and there were lots of things for me to do and by the time I did go home, both my humans were sound asleep. I don't know how she does it, but as soon as my adorable little paws make their little 'thud' noise on my carpet as I jump down from the window, my MH hears me and then she comes to make sure I am OK. She closes the window, gives me a wee biscuit and then toddles off to bed and sometimes she isn't even fully awake! As long as she can find her way into my biscuit box, I am not complaining.

I have been very lazy today but I was in my kitchen when one of our friends came to my house with a great big box that had come on the boat for us and can you guess what was in it? Yes, it was lots of dinners and treats just for me! Yippee. I was a very happy little Squeak and I gave him a couple of my very special purrs to say thank you and he liked that. When he went away, I helped my MH put all the boxes in the utility room and then I played in the box and I was a very happy puss.

It has been raining today so I am not sure if I will go out later 'cos I don't like when my adorable little tummy gets wet in the long grass and sometimes I wish that my little legs were just a wee bit longer. PING! I have had an idea. If my MH makes me little boots for the winter, she could make them with high heels then the grass wouldn't reach up to my under carriage! Brilliant. 'Puss in High Heeled Boots.' Do I sense a pantomime coming on? I sometimes surprise my adorable little self with my brilliance. Hee hee

Anyway, until said boots are ready and yours truly has learned to walk in them, I shall give serious consideration to my nocturnal habits and may only venture out if it is dry. My little weather man friend has told me that it has to be very windy on my little island for the next few days, so my DH might not get to the Cat Shop tomorrow and I might not get out to play as much as I would like.

However, I am sure I will only have to ask the old dear to play with me and she will. I need to get rid of some of my energy and I have a feeling she knows this, so no matter what happens tomorrow, I think I shall have a good day.

And I hope your day is good too.

Monday, 19 October 2015

I Think ....

.... my humans are trying to confuse me... and this morning they almost succeeded. As you know, Monday is my DH's day at the Cat Shop and he normally goes away in his car about half past ten o'clock in the morning and me and my MH sit on the couch for a while and work out what we are going to do with our day. But, today was different and for a while I was a very unhappy little puss---but just for a little while.

When we all got up, I nipped outside to see what kind of day it was and since it was fine and quite warm, I stayed out for a long time and just as I was about to go back inside, I noticed both my humans going away in my MH's little kangaroo. Oh, I was so sad. I wandered home very, very slowly 'cos there was nothing there for me to do and I had decided I would just have to pass the day on my little bed which was not at all what I had planned. :-(

Well, I was just settling down when I heard my door open so I wandered through to my kitchen and there was my MH! Oh happy, happy Squeak! She told me that my DH's car was sick and my MH had to drive him to the pier. That was all and our day all went according to plan after all except for a wee surprise visit by our friend M. who came to have a blether with the Boss.

The vacuum cleaner and the dusters were all out again, but I didn't mind 'cos I could play outside while my MH was busy and every time I went in, my MH stopped what she was doing and talked to me for a while and I even got lots of cuddles.

So that has been my day. I thought it was going to be a wee bit miserable, but it turned out brilliant after all. Yippee

Sunday, 18 October 2015

It Just Keeps Getting Better

You will have guessed that I have had a superb day. I am really liking autumn. In fact, my autumn has been better that my summer 'cos the weather has been better and I have been able to get outside lots and lots which I just love, as you all know.

We had a very lazy, restful morning and just sat on my couch having a wee chat, but then later in the afternoon, my MH asked if I would like to go for a walk with her. Well, before you could say 'yes' I was at the door waiting for her and that made her smile. We walked down the wee lane at my house and I ran in the grass and jumped over big bits of stone which I pretended were huge monsters.

I stalked a few imaginary beasties and made my MH laugh when I wriggled my adorable little bum before springing into the long grass. Oh, it was such good fun and I loved it. I tooked my MH into my big shed and for a wee minute she was a bit sad 'cos she remembered that I got lost in there for a million years before my DH found me again, but when I gave her a wee squeak, she was happy again.

So,that has been my day and a very good one it has been. I hope all next week will be just as good.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

More Fun Time

Remember I told you that both my humans were going out last night? Well, they did and I was left all alone, but it was fine as the weather stayed good and my MH left the window open for me so I could come and go as I wanted which suited me fine. I decided not to have a party 'cos the night was too good to be indoors, so I went outside a few times and just wandered through the fields and then later on I saw the little kangaroo coming back up the road, so I went and sat on my path and waited for my MH to lift me up and give me a cuddle. She knows how much I like that and then I got a surprise 'cos she went and had her shower and put on the big furry dressing gown which I loved to cuddle up into and I did that for a while before I headed out to play again.

I have had a good day today just playing and doing all the things that adorable little puss cats do and I have been very happy. But then, I am normally a very happy puss except when I am left on my own 'cos as you know, I am very much a people puss and I love being stroked and tickled and cuddled so keep doing that and I will be forever happy. It's not to much to ask, is it?

Me and my MH had a while in her little gym and then we played on the grass for a while. She found a bit of paper which had fallen out of the bin and she rolled it up and threw it for me and I chased it and killed it dead, and then she did it all over again and I just loved it.

I had great fun and I will have more good fun when I go out to play after I have watched 'Strictly' while sitting on my MH's knee, but sadly she hasn't got on the big furry dressing gown which is a shame, but never mind!

I am still happy and I hope you are too.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Still Good

I am still having the goodest fun. The weather on my little island has been lovely with sunshine and no rain and just the perfectest weather for this little puss, so as soon as my adorable little tummy was filled with my favourite food, I was off---out into the fields where I am just as happy as I possibly can be.

My MH doesn't do any work on a Friday so she has plenty of time to do just whatever I want and you know that makes me so very, very happy. They both had to go out for a little while this morning, but I was quite happy sitting on my bench just waiting for the little kangaroo to bring them back to me.

The only wee cloud in my otherwise perfectly clear sky is that they are both going away out tonight and I have to be left all alone again. I can't really complain though 'cos today is my dear old DH's birthday and the Boss is taking him to Stromness for his dinner so I will just play until they come home.

The window will probably be left open for me, so maybe I will invite some of my little friends in and we can have a chat in comfort. I think that might be a very good idea and as long as they are all away and I have the house tidied up again, my humans need never know.

Is that a plan, or what?

Thursday, 15 October 2015

What a day!

It has been a crackin' day for this adorable little pussy cat and I have had such a good time that I am now lying flat out on my couch while I am telling my MH what to write to you.

Both my humans were at home with me and the weather was good again so I have been outside nearly all the time which I just love. My MH was doing lots of work in my house and every time my DH went inside she gave him a job to do so he spent a lot of time 'working' in our greenhouse! She was doing all her normal things with her dusters and the vacuum cleaner but then she decided that my DH would love to help her clean all my porch which meant putting all the things in it outside for a while and that's where he came in. Just to go out again--hee hee

I just happened to appear as the carpet came outside and I decided to see if it was a magic carpet, so I sat on it and said every magic word I could think of, but it just stayed there! It didn't move at all, but that was OK 'cos there was so much going on in my house that I was quite happy just watching it all.

A wee while later, the old dear came out to hang up the washing and that was my cue to go onto play mode and I ran all over the place like a two year old and I just loved it, but then I sort of ran out of steam and had to lie down and have a snooze for a while which was fine 'cos my MH's friend M. came to see us and her and my MH were doing some work together so there was nothing for me to do or see.

Later on in the afternoon, I went back into my garden to help my MH bring in the washing and it was then that I had really the very bestest of fun 'cos I flew through the fence and played on this old bit of machinery while my MH was watching me and she thought I was brilliant. I even managed to surprise her when she turned round and I was sitting on the top of a very narrow fence post because to get up on to it I had to stand on some barbed wire, but I picked the not jaggy bit so it wouldn't hurt these adorable little feets of mine. My MH lifted me down though just in case I got it wrong and hurt my dear little self.

I hope you can see how good my day has been and that you will understand why I am a wee bit exhausted, but I am sure that after my little snooze, I shall be ready to hit the outside again until bedtime. Oh lucky, lucky me!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A wee bit confused ....

..... but pleasantly surprised. Explain? OK.

We all got up quite early this morning as my DH was going to the Cat Shop and I was looking forward to a day with my MH. It was another fine morning, so I quickly gobbled up my breakfast and went out to enjoy the weather and as I was busy playing I suddenly noticed my MH's little kangaroo disappearing down our road. Oh dear, I was a tad upset because I quickly worked out that they must both be going away out and I would be left all on my own today, and that was not what I had planned. Oh dear.

I stayed out for a while and did some exploring but to be honest, I was so upset that I didn't really enjoy what I was doing and decided to go back home and lie down for a gigantic sulk. I know you may be surprised that I can sulk, but I promise you I can. Not often mind you, but when I have to, I definitely can!

I went round to my living room and nipped in the open window and then I got the fright of my life 'cos my MH said 'Hello, Squeak, where have you been?' My four adorable little legs went weak at the knees and I almost fainted, I got such a shock, but then I was happy. Oh so very, very happy 'cos I realised that my DH had taken my MH's car and she was still at home with me. Yippee.

It took me a wee while to get back to normal and I had to sit on the old dear's lap and let her cuddle me while I got over my disappointment, and then I was back outside to finish off all the hunting and exploring that I had started earlier. We had a very good day and my MH did wee bits of work but nothing to upset yours truly and we even had a while outside together after she had finished in her little gym.

So, I have had a far better day than I thought I would have and I am looking forward to going outside again later on, but I think in future I shall wait and see who goes into the car before I make my plans for the day. I think that makes sense, don't you? :-))

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Gues What?

You know I keep telling you that I am magic? Well, to be honest, I didn't really believe it. I thought it might be true, but I wasn't one hundred percent sure until last night! I was getting ready for bed and I crossed my paws and asked my little weather man friend if he would make the rain go away, and do you know what happened?

I wakened up this morning and listened for the rain but I didn't hear any and when I opened my adorable little eyes, I saw that the sun was shining, so I knew then that I must be magic and that my little weather man friend had heard me. Oh yippee! Well, I shot out the door without any breakfast and I felt the warm sun on this beautiful little body and I sat on my path and purred. Oh I was a very happy Squeak. My humans came out to see me after a while and they were very happy too. My MH left the door open and me and my DH nipped in and out lots of times 'cos he was busy with his car and I was busy watching him while my MH was busy inside with her dusters and the vacuum cleaner. It was a busy house!

She was cleaning the bedrooms today and it was while she was in the spare room she saw this and I shall probably have to explain what it is. We have a big vase of artificial flowers on the window sill and we noticed that the sun was shining on that window and made this pattern on my wall and we both thought that you might like to see it. We think it is quite nice and we hope you do too.

I have spent most of my day outside in the fields and in my garden and I have just loved it and when my MH went away in her little kangaroo, I just waited outside till she came home again and then I ran to meet her and I got a big cuddle which I liked.

It is a fine night and my MH has told me that she will leave the window open at bed time if I want to stay out late and I shall probably do that just in case it isn't a nice day tomorrow. But oh I hope it is, 'cos I just love being able to play outside, so paws crossed again.

I will tell you if my magic works two times in a row. I hope it does. I really do.

Monday, 12 October 2015


.... if I had very little news for you yesterday, I have even less for you today. I could tell you about all the places I have visited to have a sleep, but I don't think you would find that very exciting.

It has rained a lot the whole day today and I have only been outside for about fifteen minutes and the rest of the time I have been inside my house with my MH. Ho hum

The rain started pouring down last night really heavy, but I had to go out. It has become my nightly routine and I would not be able to sleep unless I had some fresh air before bedtime. I helped my MH go to sleep and then I asked my DH to let me out and he did. Now, what he does is this. When the Boss goes to bed, my DH switches off the lights in my living room and he goes through to the study to play on his computer and when I need to come back in again, I just go to that window and bang it with my adorable little paw to attract his attention, and he comes to the door and whistles so that I know the door is open, and then I shoot round the corner and into my house. It is a good routine and it works very well.

I did have a wee panic last night though when I got caught in one of the heavy showers 'cos it felt as though it was taking him a long, long time to let me in and I was WET! Oh, my dear friends I was 'ringing' again and I was just about to go and tell my MH how wet I was when my DH caught me and dried me all up. And when I thought about it, that probably saved this adorable little life. Or one of them at least. Hee hee.

So, that horrible rain lasted nearly all day and it was not really a day for puss cats to be outside, and I just contented my little self with lying on the couch and listening to my MH as she was doing all her housework. Every now and then, she would stop and come and find me wherever I was sleeping and she stroked me and told me that she loved me millions, so to be honest, I was quite happy it was so wet outside.

But I hope it stops for tonight and tomorrow 'cos this little Squeak need out to play! So please Mr. weather-man friend, turn off the rain. PLEASE?

Sunday, 11 October 2015

A No News Day

I have very little news for you today as it has been a VERY lazy Sunday in my house although my dear old MH did a wee bit of work---with my help, of course!

I was out again rather late last night, so I was late getting to sleep and for some reason I wakened up a couple of times and managed to waken my MH as well which made her a wee bit not too happy with me, but after a wee chat and a cuddle, we were both fast asleep again and then didn't get up too early.

It was not too bad a day, but not as good as yesterday and I didn't want to go out too much, so I just had a couple of short trips into my garden. I spent most of my day on the back of my couch, but I did have a play in the utility room while my MH was doing some ironing and my DH was playing with his computer.

I like Sundays in my house. I like all the days, but Sundays are kind of special 'cos we don't do very much at all and there is always lots of time for me. So, although there isn't any news for you, I have still had a very good day and I hope you have too.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Super Saturday

I had a long lie this morning 'cos I was a bit tired and I am sure you might be able to guess why. I was out rather late last night. Even my DH was in bed by the time I decided to wander home, but he had left the window open for me, so I nipped in very quietly, had a light supper and then curled up beside my MH who was snoring already.

I didn't want to get up when my humans did, so I just lay on my bed for another wee while and my MH understood and just let me sleep, but after a while I got a surprise 'cos she decided to wash all the bed clothes and we played one of my favourite games which made me waken up very quickly.

It was while we were working that I noticed the sun was shining and the door was open, so I shot outside to see it all for myself and then I went back in just in time to play hide and squeak which you know I love, but to be honest, I was still a bit sleepy and I falled asleep again. Oops

Later on in the afternoon, we were all outside and my MH was hanging up her washing and I had great fun playing with them.I did my pole climbing routine and as usual launched myself into the pampas grass which always makes my humans laugh. Oh, I did have the bestest fun in the world and suddenly I wasn't tired anymore.

I was very, very happy!

Friday, 9 October 2015

A late night

Well, it was just as I thought and every bit as good. After I wrote to you last night, I settled down on one of my favorite chairs and had a great big sleep with lots of super, duper dreams. My MH told me that at one point I must have been chasing mouses or postmen or something 'cos my little legs were twitching and I was making some very strange noises. I think I was having a very good dream.

I wakened up when my MH was going for her shower 'cos that usually means she is going to bed and I have to see that she is settled down properly and once I was completely satisfied, I nipped into the other room to find my DH and I asked him to please let me out which he did. And that was the last he saw of me until this morning!

I wandered slowly down my path and very gently hurled my adorable little body through my fence and then I was out in the big wide world where anything could happen to a little puss such as I. My little island is quite a safe place although there are cars and tractors and lots of other farm machinery so I have to be very alert and my little lugs need to keep working, but I think I might be safer here than in the big town.

There are some puss cats who are out all the time but they don't generally come to my house and I don't go to theirs. We have an understanding, you see, and that suits us fine. When I was a brand new baby puss, I got a chip put inside me and then my humans filled in all my details on a big bit of paper, so if I ever get lost, my chip will tell people who I am and where I should be. Well, that's the way it would work if I was in a town or a city, but not here on my beautiful little island 'cos everybody knows I am Squeak and they know where my house is so if I ever did forget where I lived, somebody would just take me home again. See?

Anyway, back to last night. I wandered through all the fields and had a wee chat to the bully boy, but only from a distance 'cos I am still not too sure if he likes puss cats or not and then I just kept wandering and sniffing and exploring and by the time my adorable little body was beginning to feel a tad tired, I noticed that all my house lights were out, so I knew my humans were sleeping but the window would be open for me and that made me very happy.

It was such a lovely night, and I was enjoying myself so much, that I stayed out very late and by the time I did go home, both my humans were snoring, but I wakened my MH to let her know I was back and I just happened to mention that I would be very happy if she felt like getting up and giving me a wee feed, and as she had to close the window anyway, she was indeed very happy to do just that.

A very good evening indeed!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Another Brilliant Day

I wakened up this morning expecting to see the rain on my window but when I looked properly I got a big surprise 'cos it wasn't raining, the wind wasn't shouting at me and the sun was waiting for me to go to play. Oh happy, happy Squeak. I guess you will know what I did next? Yep. I gobbled up my breakfast, leapt out of the window and sat on the grass just looking and thinking and being very, very happy.

A wee while later, my DH came out to go into the greenhouse and it was such a lovely day that my MH told him to leave the door open, so I could wander in and out as much as I wanted. It was just brilliant and I knew I was going to have a very good day.

My MH was busy with her housework, but not so busy that she couldn't come out to play with me every now and then and she watched as I ran up and down the path and round and round the grass and that made her very happy and she smiled lot and that made me happy.

I just spent my day playing outside and then having a wee play with my treats ball when I came inside again, so you can see that I have had a very good day. AND, because the weather is still good, I will be able to go outside for as long as I want tonight, so I am going to have a very long after dinner snooze, so that I don't get sleepy too early.

Oh yes. another brilliant day.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Super Fun

It has been another really bad day for weather on my little island and it has rained nearly the en-tire day, but I still went outside a few times 'cos I was in intrepid mood today. My MH has nearly used up her whole kitchen roll making me not wet again and one time she had to get a towel for herself when I shooked my adorable little body and made her all wet too. Oh, we did have a giggle.

It was just us girls today 'cos my DH was at the Cat Shop and this afternoon I asked the old dear would she play with me and she was delighted, so we both lied down on my floor and played with my toys and we had a great time. I love all of my toys but the bestest one I played with today was my little treats ball so that while my little paws were getting all their exercise, my little tummy was getting filled up. Magic. Sheer magic.

I didn't really mind not being outside, but I am going to have my snooze now and I will go out later so I had better warn my humans to get the towels ready to dry me when I come in 'cos one night I nearly got into trouble when my DH let me in the window and didn't realise I was soaking wet until I jumped up beside my MH who was sleeping and wakened her up when I dripped all over her. Oops!

Mind you, I wasn't the only one who got into trouble that night! Hee hee

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ho Hum

All my good weather has gone away again and it has been raining and winding all day on my little island, so I have been indoors a lot. I don't have very much news for you because of that, but I have been quite happy 'cos there is a lot in my house for me to do and if I get a wee bit lonely or fed up, then I just find one of my humans and either have a play or a cuddle.

I have also been a bit sleepy so have spent quite a while on top of my bed just snoozing and having lovely dreams. My MH was cleaning the bedrooms which suited me fine 'cos I just wandered after her and while she was working, I found a comfortable spot to plonk my adorable little body on and watch her, so it was fine.

I did have a couple of wanders outside, but there wasn't very much for me to do or see and I realised as I was wandering through the wet grass that I would be much more comfortable on my couch, so I flew back in through my window again and just curled up and slept.

I might go out again at night because that is my routine, but if it is still wet and windy then it will only be for a wee while and I shall tell you tomorrow what I have decided.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Just Normal

Thank goodness there have been no more cat-astrophes in my house today. I don't think my dear old humans could take any more, and to be honest my dear friends, my adorable little nerves couldn't take it either.

We had a good evening and I got lots of cuddles through the night. For some reason, I wakened up through the night again in desperate need of a special cuddle and as usual, the old dear had one under her pillow, just for me, and it helped me to have a really good sleep afterwards.

My DH nipped away to the shop and me and my MH settled on my couch for a while as we worked out what our day was going to be and then she headed off to get all her dusters, polishers and the vacuum cleaner and then cleaned my house while I just followed her round and watched and listened as she cleaned and chatted to me. It was a lot colder on my little island and quite windy, so I was quite happy staying inside my house listening to the old dear as she chatted away. Don't tell her, but sometimes I nod off while she is talking, but so far she hasn't noticed.

We didn't do anything too exciting and then when my DH came home, he told us what he had been doing and now I am having a rest on my couch before I go out again later on, but as the wind is getting worser, I don't think I shall be staying out very late.

You know, maybe the old dear was right when she said it was winter!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

Now, you all know that I love my MH millions, sure you do? But there are times I do wonder and sometimes I have to hide my adorable little self from embarrassment and today is one of those days. I shall explain 'cos this is one story you will definitely want to hear and it could have been a lot worser had it not been for moi!

You will remember that I told you the old dear had put all our clocks back an hour last night 'cos she had decided that summer must be finished? Well, me and my DH are not too sure where she got this idea but the poor old boy had to go up a ladder to change the clock in the kitchen, which he did quite happily.

So, off we all went to bed and about half past four o'clock in this morning, I wakened up needing a cuddle, but not just an ordinary cuddle. Oh no, I needed a very special cuddle. I don't know why, I just did and I wakened my MH, who just happened to have one of her very special cuddles with her and we sat together for a long time having a cuddle and a chat and then we both had to go and use our litter trays before we went back to bed. By this time, the old dear wasn't feeling very tired, so she decided to put on her ipad and it was then that she saw it. The time! It was different on her ipad than it was on all my clocks! Oops. The ipad should have done an au-to-mat-ic ( phew, that's a big word for a peedie puss) update, and this made her wonder so she asked somebody called Mr.Google and he told her the clocks didn't change for another three weeks. Oh my,oh my, oh my! I don't know who Mr. Google is 'cos I never saw him, but my MH believed him and this morning she had to change all the clocks back again and my DH wasn't best pleased when he had to go back up the ladder in the kitchen.

It was bad enough, but could you imagine what he would have said if they had been going for the boat or if he had missed his football match on my television? Maybe you shouldn't imagine what he would have said. After all, it is Sunday!

Apart from that, we have all had a very good day and I was out helping my MH as she tidied up the garden before she cut my grass again. I ran all over the place and climbed my favourite pole as you can see, although it is a wee bit blurred 'cos I was moving at the speed of light again but I am sure you get the idea.

One of the other pictures shows you my tomatoes which are still growing. You can see green ones and red ones and can you guess which ones are mine? YES! The red ones!! I purr to them and I am sure that's what makes them get red quicker than the ones my DH looks after although I just keep that our wee secret.

So, I have had a very good day and my MH has been very pleased with me for saving her from a disaster. But that's what I am here for, dear old MH. Hee hee Just feed me lots more treats, please.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Squeak's Saturday

I have decided that the summer is all finished and I am a little sad. You all know how I love being outside and although I will still be able to get out, it is not the same when it is colder and all the little birdies have gone away on their holidays to somewhere warm. It is a wee bit lonely on my little island although lots of the little mouses are still here.

In the summer it doesn't get dark on my little island, but in the winter it starts to get dark earlier and earlier every day. I like the dark and as long as it is not pouring with rain or blowing a howling gale, then I go outside and do some prowling just to see if I can find anything new before coming back into my house which is nice and cosy. I don't really mind the winter 'cos I am a very adaptable little puss, but I do prefer the summer.

Another way I know that the summer is finished is that my MH changes the curtains in my living room and she puts up the big heavy ones and this year we got new ones and I have been warned not to touch them with my adorable little paws and so far I have been very good, although they have only been up a couple of days. I will try though. Honest.

I have had a good Saturday just wandering in and out and having lots of seats on my MH's knee 'cos she has been watching the rugby and I decided I would watch it with her, but I didn't understand it at all, so I just had a sleep instead. I was a bit annoyed that we couldn't watch 'Strictly' but she has promised me we will watch it when the rugby is finished, so I think I will have my evening perambulation early and then settle down again to watch the dancing with the old dear.

She told me a funny story today and we both had a giggle. Tonight all our clocks have to go back an hour and my MH usually puts one of our clocks back early in the night so that she doesn't forget. But once upon a time, she put the clock back and didn't tell my DH and he put it back too. Oh dear, that would have been funny, sure it would?

My friend M. came to my house today and after we had a wee chat,my MH tooked her away out in the little kangaroo and I looked after my DH for a while. We have all had a very lazy day today and we have enjoyed it and I hope you have had a good day too. I hope you like today's picture even though it is a tiny bit out of focus but you can see how determined yours truly is as I am stepping out in my garden. I like me in this one.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Nearly, but not quite.

I think my weather is changing again and I am a wee bit not very happy about that. It hasn't been too bad, you understand, but definitely not as good as it has been, so maybe tomorrow will be better.

I like Fridays in my house and especially this one 'cos my MH didn't need to do any housework and that made me very content. She used to do it on a Thursday but then when she went swimming she had to do it on Friday, but her swimming pal is away on holiday so she did it all yesterday and today was Squeak day. To be honest, every day in my house is Squeak day, but some days are more Squeaker days than others if you see what I mean?

We all did wee bits of work and I was outside quite a lot although it was a tad cool for me but I still enjoyed it and every time I nipped in through the window, my MH managed to find a cuddle for me and I gave her some of my special purrs which she liked.

She wasn't out very much today although we did go into the gym for a while and she was able to leave the door open as she played on her bike so I could keep nipping in to make sure she was doing it properly and that made her smile a lot.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be a bit warmer 'cos my MH has promised to take me for a walk again and you all know how much I just love that. And so does she!