Friday, 23 October 2015

A Bit Better

The naughty wind finally decided to leave my little island and went away to blow someplace else, so today has been a lot better for this little puss. And not just because there was no wind. No, it was because there was very little housework done in my house, so my humans had lots of time for me and there were cuddles for me just as often as I wanted them. I was able to get out to play lots of times and although it was cold, I still had good fun and I was very happy.

I don't know what was wrong with me through the night. Maybe it was another one of my bad dreams, but I wakened up in desperate need of a cuddle, so I wakened my MH and snuggled up beside her until I felt a lot better, and my MH told me that it made her feel lots better too, but that was after she had wakened up again!

I haven't done very much outside as it is quite lonely on my little island. All the sheeps are away in another field,most of the birdies are away on their holidays and it is only Mr. Bully Boy who is in the field opposite my house and as he is still very grumpy, I have decided not to go too near him so I just send him some purrs through the fence but I'm afraid he just roars back at me so I am going to keep my very precious purrs for those who deserve them.

I know that there is always something for me to do in my house and even when my humans are busy, if I really need them then they stop what they are doing and play with me, so apart from getting some fresh air in my adorable little lungs, I can get everything else in my house.

I am a wee bit excited 'cos my MH noticed that she didn't have any new pictures of me to show you and she has promised to take me for a walk tomorrow if the weather is OK, so my little paws are crossed 'cos I just love our girlie walks.

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