Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Very Lazy Day

It has not been a bad day, but it has not been a very good day either, and definitely not my usual Wednesday day. The morning bit was the same, as my humans went away in the little kangaroo so that my MH could take the old boy to the boat and that was fine 'cos I just waited till she came home again, which wasn't too long.

When she did come home, we had a long seat on my couch just talking about this and that, but nothing very serious and we had plenty of time as she wasn't doing any housework and it was very fine. I was extremely comfortable on her knee getting my adorable little lugs scratched---or as they say on my little island---itched. I got my little lugs itched and it was just beautiful.

So, all was well until just after lunch time when she told me she was going out for the afternoon to visit one of my friends and because the wind was blowing, she couldn't leave the window open for me. Ho hum. So, I am afraid I spent the rest of my afternoon snoozing on various seats in my house with my only exercise moving from one room to another.

However as soon as the old dear came back, I assumed my rightful position on her knee as she told me all the things she had done in the afternoon and I listened very carefully before I told her I was a tad on the hungry side and would she please stop talking and feed me. I don't do it often, but sometimes I just have to be masterful. Especially when my adorable little tummy is empty! Hee hee.

It is still rather windy, but I shall endeavour to wander outside once I have had my evening snooze. I am not really tired, but it is my routine and if I don't do that then the humans might think there is something wrong with me and I wouldn't like to worry them!

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