Thursday, 1 October 2015

And Again!

Still good weather on my little island and some big surprises for this little puss. Normally on a Thursday my MH packs her swimming bag and goes away on the boat to leave me and my DH all alone and I don't really like it, but this morning she didn't get dressed for the town and didn't pack her swimming bag. She stayed home with me and I was so happy---and so was my DH, but he didn't run up the clothes pole like I did. Oh how I would love to see that. Wouldn't you? She told me that she wasn't going to leave me today and that was surprise number one.

It was still a good day although just a wee bit cooler but I didn't mind 'cos I have a good thick fur coat to keep me warm so I was out to play as soon as my breakfast was inside my adorable little tummy and I had my usual perambulation round my garden and then back in just in time for my milk. I have my morning routine perfectly worked out.

I was a wee bit annoyed 'cos I thought that my MH would spend all of her day with me, but she decided to do some housework so the vacuum and dusters came out to play and I just plonked my dear little self on the back of my couch and watched her until she was finished and then I asked for a cuddle which I got.

Surprise number two happened in the afternoon. The old dear had been busy again and I was asleep on my couch but then she asked me if I wanted to go out and play! Did I? Of course I did. The words were hardly into my little lugs before I was at the door waiting for her and we had brilliant fun.

We went for a walk all round my garden and I had a run up a couple of the clothes poles and a nose dive into the pampas grass. I dived on some leaves and chased some flies and I was just the happiest little Squeak in my house. Well, I am the only little Squeak in my house, but you know what I mean. Sure you do?

It has been a very good Thursday for me and I have just loved every second of it and I hope you have had a good Thursday too.

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