Thursday, 29 October 2015

Good Fun

I have had another very good day and I have a story for you which I hope you will like. But, it has to be a secret just between you and me 'cos if my dear old MH knew, she would be quite upset and she wouldn't do it again which would be a great shame.

My day started off as usual with a quick wander round my garden to see how things were and when I saw that all was well, I went back in for my wee drop of milk and then I had a seat on my MH's knee for a wee chat which made me very happy. A while later, we went out to feed the birdies and even before we had got back into my house, there was a great big queue of little hungry birdies having a feed and a chat and I just sat on my window sill watching them. I am happy that my humans give them some dinner and my humans are happy that I am kind to these little birdies.

Later in the afternoon, my MH decided to play on her Wii and I lay on the couch watching her and it was then that I saw one of the funniest things I have ever seen. She was playing golf and lots of times she wriggled her bum like I wriggle mine, but I can tell you that it was nowhere as adorable as when I do it, but oh my dear friends it was so, so funny. I started off smiling, then I had a giggle, but by the time she was finished her round of golf I was so helpless with laughter that I nearly fell off my couch. I am still laughing when I think about it. :-)))

Oh, I hope she does it again tomorrow and if I can ever learn how to work her camera, I will show you and you can smile too.

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