Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Gues What?

You know I keep telling you that I am magic? Well, to be honest, I didn't really believe it. I thought it might be true, but I wasn't one hundred percent sure until last night! I was getting ready for bed and I crossed my paws and asked my little weather man friend if he would make the rain go away, and do you know what happened?

I wakened up this morning and listened for the rain but I didn't hear any and when I opened my adorable little eyes, I saw that the sun was shining, so I knew then that I must be magic and that my little weather man friend had heard me. Oh yippee! Well, I shot out the door without any breakfast and I felt the warm sun on this beautiful little body and I sat on my path and purred. Oh I was a very happy Squeak. My humans came out to see me after a while and they were very happy too. My MH left the door open and me and my DH nipped in and out lots of times 'cos he was busy with his car and I was busy watching him while my MH was busy inside with her dusters and the vacuum cleaner. It was a busy house!

She was cleaning the bedrooms today and it was while she was in the spare room she saw this and I shall probably have to explain what it is. We have a big vase of artificial flowers on the window sill and we noticed that the sun was shining on that window and made this pattern on my wall and we both thought that you might like to see it. We think it is quite nice and we hope you do too.

I have spent most of my day outside in the fields and in my garden and I have just loved it and when my MH went away in her little kangaroo, I just waited outside till she came home again and then I ran to meet her and I got a big cuddle which I liked.

It is a fine night and my MH has told me that she will leave the window open at bed time if I want to stay out late and I shall probably do that just in case it isn't a nice day tomorrow. But oh I hope it is, 'cos I just love being able to play outside, so paws crossed again.

I will tell you if my magic works two times in a row. I hope it does. I really do.

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