Sunday, 18 October 2015

It Just Keeps Getting Better

You will have guessed that I have had a superb day. I am really liking autumn. In fact, my autumn has been better that my summer 'cos the weather has been better and I have been able to get outside lots and lots which I just love, as you all know.

We had a very lazy, restful morning and just sat on my couch having a wee chat, but then later in the afternoon, my MH asked if I would like to go for a walk with her. Well, before you could say 'yes' I was at the door waiting for her and that made her smile. We walked down the wee lane at my house and I ran in the grass and jumped over big bits of stone which I pretended were huge monsters.

I stalked a few imaginary beasties and made my MH laugh when I wriggled my adorable little bum before springing into the long grass. Oh, it was such good fun and I loved it. I tooked my MH into my big shed and for a wee minute she was a bit sad 'cos she remembered that I got lost in there for a million years before my DH found me again, but when I gave her a wee squeak, she was happy again.

So,that has been my day and a very good one it has been. I hope all next week will be just as good.

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