Monday, 5 October 2015

Just Normal

Thank goodness there have been no more cat-astrophes in my house today. I don't think my dear old humans could take any more, and to be honest my dear friends, my adorable little nerves couldn't take it either.

We had a good evening and I got lots of cuddles through the night. For some reason, I wakened up through the night again in desperate need of a special cuddle and as usual, the old dear had one under her pillow, just for me, and it helped me to have a really good sleep afterwards.

My DH nipped away to the shop and me and my MH settled on my couch for a while as we worked out what our day was going to be and then she headed off to get all her dusters, polishers and the vacuum cleaner and then cleaned my house while I just followed her round and watched and listened as she cleaned and chatted to me. It was a lot colder on my little island and quite windy, so I was quite happy staying inside my house listening to the old dear as she chatted away. Don't tell her, but sometimes I nod off while she is talking, but so far she hasn't noticed.

We didn't do anything too exciting and then when my DH came home, he told us what he had been doing and now I am having a rest on my couch before I go out again later on, but as the wind is getting worser, I don't think I shall be staying out very late.

You know, maybe the old dear was right when she said it was winter!

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