Saturday, 17 October 2015

More Fun Time

Remember I told you that both my humans were going out last night? Well, they did and I was left all alone, but it was fine as the weather stayed good and my MH left the window open for me so I could come and go as I wanted which suited me fine. I decided not to have a party 'cos the night was too good to be indoors, so I went outside a few times and just wandered through the fields and then later on I saw the little kangaroo coming back up the road, so I went and sat on my path and waited for my MH to lift me up and give me a cuddle. She knows how much I like that and then I got a surprise 'cos she went and had her shower and put on the big furry dressing gown which I loved to cuddle up into and I did that for a while before I headed out to play again.

I have had a good day today just playing and doing all the things that adorable little puss cats do and I have been very happy. But then, I am normally a very happy puss except when I am left on my own 'cos as you know, I am very much a people puss and I love being stroked and tickled and cuddled so keep doing that and I will be forever happy. It's not to much to ask, is it?

Me and my MH had a while in her little gym and then we played on the grass for a while. She found a bit of paper which had fallen out of the bin and she rolled it up and threw it for me and I chased it and killed it dead, and then she did it all over again and I just loved it.

I had great fun and I will have more good fun when I go out to play after I have watched 'Strictly' while sitting on my MH's knee, but sadly she hasn't got on the big furry dressing gown which is a shame, but never mind!

I am still happy and I hope you are too.

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