Friday, 2 October 2015

Nearly, but not quite.

I think my weather is changing again and I am a wee bit not very happy about that. It hasn't been too bad, you understand, but definitely not as good as it has been, so maybe tomorrow will be better.

I like Fridays in my house and especially this one 'cos my MH didn't need to do any housework and that made me very content. She used to do it on a Thursday but then when she went swimming she had to do it on Friday, but her swimming pal is away on holiday so she did it all yesterday and today was Squeak day. To be honest, every day in my house is Squeak day, but some days are more Squeaker days than others if you see what I mean?

We all did wee bits of work and I was outside quite a lot although it was a tad cool for me but I still enjoyed it and every time I nipped in through the window, my MH managed to find a cuddle for me and I gave her some of my special purrs which she liked.

She wasn't out very much today although we did go into the gym for a while and she was able to leave the door open as she played on her bike so I could keep nipping in to make sure she was doing it properly and that made her smile a lot.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be a bit warmer 'cos my MH has promised to take me for a walk again and you all know how much I just love that. And so does she!

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