Friday, 30 October 2015

Play Times

I have had lots of play times today--- inside and out and I have been very busy. I was outside rather early this morning and it was fine and dry so I stayed out for a very long time and wandered through all my favourite places before I went home to see what my humans were doing.

They were both sitting in my living room just waiting for me to come home so I sat with my MH and drinked up my breakfast milk while she stroked my little lugs. She did some ironing so I sat up at the sink and watched her. She put a wee drop of water into the basin for me and I played with that for a while. I sit at the side of the sink and just swish the water with my little paw and it makes bubbles which I try to catch. I have great fun doing this and I stayed there all the time she was ironing.

Our next job was to put the ironing away and when she was finished doing that, we played hide and Squeak and I dived under my blanket which is always on top of my bed and I purred really loudly when my MH wrapped me up and tickled me. I love that game, but at the end of it, I always fall asleep and so my MH just goes away and leaves me sleeping all wrapped up and she says she thinks I look adorable and I am very much inclined to agree!

I had another play outside for a while and then I helped my MH make up all the bags for halloween tomorrow. There is a party in the Hall tomorrow night for all the humans and my MH leads all the games, so we had lots to do this afternoon and I watched as she filled all the bags with things for the little children and then I sat on her knee as she told me all the things they would be doing. I like all the little children on my island and sometimes I wish I could play the games with them, but I'm afraid animals are not allowed. Even adorable little ones such as I.

But, being a very special puss, I understand!

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