Friday, 16 October 2015

Still Good

I am still having the goodest fun. The weather on my little island has been lovely with sunshine and no rain and just the perfectest weather for this little puss, so as soon as my adorable little tummy was filled with my favourite food, I was off---out into the fields where I am just as happy as I possibly can be.

My MH doesn't do any work on a Friday so she has plenty of time to do just whatever I want and you know that makes me so very, very happy. They both had to go out for a little while this morning, but I was quite happy sitting on my bench just waiting for the little kangaroo to bring them back to me.

The only wee cloud in my otherwise perfectly clear sky is that they are both going away out tonight and I have to be left all alone again. I can't really complain though 'cos today is my dear old DH's birthday and the Boss is taking him to Stromness for his dinner so I will just play until they come home.

The window will probably be left open for me, so maybe I will invite some of my little friends in and we can have a chat in comfort. I think that might be a very good idea and as long as they are all away and I have the house tidied up again, my humans need never know.

Is that a plan, or what?

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