Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Super Fun

It has been another really bad day for weather on my little island and it has rained nearly the en-tire day, but I still went outside a few times 'cos I was in intrepid mood today. My MH has nearly used up her whole kitchen roll making me not wet again and one time she had to get a towel for herself when I shooked my adorable little body and made her all wet too. Oh, we did have a giggle.

It was just us girls today 'cos my DH was at the Cat Shop and this afternoon I asked the old dear would she play with me and she was delighted, so we both lied down on my floor and played with my toys and we had a great time. I love all of my toys but the bestest one I played with today was my little treats ball so that while my little paws were getting all their exercise, my little tummy was getting filled up. Magic. Sheer magic.

I didn't really mind not being outside, but I am going to have my snooze now and I will go out later so I had better warn my humans to get the towels ready to dry me when I come in 'cos one night I nearly got into trouble when my DH let me in the window and didn't realise I was soaking wet until I jumped up beside my MH who was sleeping and wakened her up when I dripped all over her. Oops!

Mind you, I wasn't the only one who got into trouble that night! Hee hee

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