Saturday, 10 October 2015

Super Saturday

I had a long lie this morning 'cos I was a bit tired and I am sure you might be able to guess why. I was out rather late last night. Even my DH was in bed by the time I decided to wander home, but he had left the window open for me, so I nipped in very quietly, had a light supper and then curled up beside my MH who was snoring already.

I didn't want to get up when my humans did, so I just lay on my bed for another wee while and my MH understood and just let me sleep, but after a while I got a surprise 'cos she decided to wash all the bed clothes and we played one of my favourite games which made me waken up very quickly.

It was while we were working that I noticed the sun was shining and the door was open, so I shot outside to see it all for myself and then I went back in just in time to play hide and squeak which you know I love, but to be honest, I was still a bit sleepy and I falled asleep again. Oops

Later on in the afternoon, we were all outside and my MH was hanging up her washing and I had great fun playing with them.I did my pole climbing routine and as usual launched myself into the pampas grass which always makes my humans laugh. Oh, I did have the bestest fun in the world and suddenly I wasn't tired anymore.

I was very, very happy!

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