Thursday, 15 October 2015

What a day!

It has been a crackin' day for this adorable little pussy cat and I have had such a good time that I am now lying flat out on my couch while I am telling my MH what to write to you.

Both my humans were at home with me and the weather was good again so I have been outside nearly all the time which I just love. My MH was doing lots of work in my house and every time my DH went inside she gave him a job to do so he spent a lot of time 'working' in our greenhouse! She was doing all her normal things with her dusters and the vacuum cleaner but then she decided that my DH would love to help her clean all my porch which meant putting all the things in it outside for a while and that's where he came in. Just to go out again--hee hee

I just happened to appear as the carpet came outside and I decided to see if it was a magic carpet, so I sat on it and said every magic word I could think of, but it just stayed there! It didn't move at all, but that was OK 'cos there was so much going on in my house that I was quite happy just watching it all.

A wee while later, the old dear came out to hang up the washing and that was my cue to go onto play mode and I ran all over the place like a two year old and I just loved it, but then I sort of ran out of steam and had to lie down and have a snooze for a while which was fine 'cos my MH's friend M. came to see us and her and my MH were doing some work together so there was nothing for me to do or see.

Later on in the afternoon, I went back into my garden to help my MH bring in the washing and it was then that I had really the very bestest of fun 'cos I flew through the fence and played on this old bit of machinery while my MH was watching me and she thought I was brilliant. I even managed to surprise her when she turned round and I was sitting on the top of a very narrow fence post because to get up on to it I had to stand on some barbed wire, but I picked the not jaggy bit so it wouldn't hurt these adorable little feets of mine. My MH lifted me down though just in case I got it wrong and hurt my dear little self.

I hope you can see how good my day has been and that you will understand why I am a wee bit exhausted, but I am sure that after my little snooze, I shall be ready to hit the outside again until bedtime. Oh lucky, lucky me!

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