Thursday, 22 October 2015

What a wind!

Wow, it has been windy! Really, really windy and I have been inside nearly all day, but I did get into a wee bit of trouble from the Boss this afternoon.

Me and my MH had difficulty sleeping last night. Maybe I should change that a bit 'cos I never have trouble sleeping, but my MH doesn't like the wind too much and it wakened her up when it rattled my house last night and she got up. I got up too, but not because I was frightened but I just thought that as the old dear was up anyway, she might just swing past my dinner dish and give me a wee feed. Which she did. Goodie. By the way, the old boy didn't even know there WAS a wind! Sigh.

Now, because it was too windy for us to go out, my humans decided to do lots of housework so there were lots of dusters flying about as well as the vacuum cleaner and a few other bottles and potions which she needed, so I just took to my bed until the coast was clear and then I reappeared for a cuddle which just happened to be right beside my MH.

A while later, she started to cook the dinner and it was then that I got into trouble---nearly! Picture the scene. The wind was howling outside and my MH was playing with the frying pans at the cooker and this adorable little puss decided to go out. I asked my MH to open the door for me and she stopped what she was doing and opened said door. I then stuck my little nose out in the wind and scooted back into the kitchen leaving the old dear to shut the door and return to her cooking.

Two minutes later I decided that maybe I was a bit stronger and so I asked her again, and again she had to stop and open the door for me but this time I made her smile as I sniffed the outside and turned back, then stopped and went back to the door, sniffed again then wriggled my adorable little bum and shot out the door leaving my MH to get back to the cooker before the dinner burned. I really would have been in trouble if that had happened. Big, big trouble!

I know you have heard this story before 'cos I am afraid it is something I do rather often and one of these days my MH really is going to be annoyed with me. But I have to be sure it is safe in the big outside before I venture out, and I am sure that she understands that, so I think I am safe for a while.

I didn't stay out too long and right now I am back on my couch and the wind is still howling outside but just a wee bit less than it has been and my little weather man friend says it will go away later on tonight, so I shall probably get out to play later on. I hope.

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