Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wonderful Wednesday

I have had a good day. Even though the weather wasn't too brilliant, it wasn't as bad as my little weather man friend said it would be and me and my MH had our normal Wednesday together. My DH thought he might not be able to go to Stromness but the sea wasn't very rough so the boat tooked him away and he was happy 'cos he likes working there. His car is still a wee bit sick, so my MH had to take him in her kangaroo, but she told me what she was doing, so I didn't get upset this time and just waited till she comed home again to me.

She told me to do all my playing outside today because it is going to be very windy on my little island tomorrow and all the boats have been cancelled, so it is a good job they didn't want to go anywhere tomorrow. They will just be staying home with me, so I guess sometimes the wind is good! My MH thinks I won't be going out tomorrow in case I get blowed away and we don't want that now, do we?

So, we had a very good day. A nice quiet day with lots of seats and cuddles and a little trip into the gym, but we didn't play much in my garden as it was a wee bit windy and a bit too cold for the old dear so we just went back into my couch and had another seat on my couch while we waited for my DH to come home to us.

Although I haven't done anything wildly exciting, I still have had a very good day and I have liked it a lot!

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