Monday, 30 November 2015

Before and After

Well, I still haven't had the bestest of days but at least it did get better and my living room is nearly back to just how I like it.

Last night was very windy on my little island but I discovered something very interesting in my garden and I kept going out to see it. I can't tell you what it was though 'cos my MH doesn't know and if she doesn't know, then neither do you, I'm afraid. I sat on the window sill and yowled until I was let out and then a while later I sat on the window sill and yowled to be let IN! I was only in for a heat and a wee biscuit and then I was back outside again much to the worry of the old dear. Sorry MH.

However, it was on one of these trips back in that I got a very unpleasant surprise 'cos my friends N. & M. were pulling up my carpet and I wasn't very happy even though my MH had explained what was happening, but it didn't mean I had to like it now, did it? And that's how the rest of the evening went with all my lovely things being packed away, but I am happy to say that some of my toys were left out for me and when all the work was done, my MH played with me but my adorable little heart wasn't really in it. I just did it to please her.

This morning two men came to my house that I didn't know and they started putting another carpet down on my floor and that made me a lot happier and when they went away my humans started putting all the things from the boxes back where they should be and I liked that a lot. My MH said that it will all be finished tomorrow and then I shall once again be the centre of their universe!

I am still having lots of trips out but it's not just as windy so I am having good fun but the bestest bit is when I go home and I have a couch to sit on and a carpet to stand on. My needs are simple, but I do expect them to be met.

After all, that's what humans are for, is it not?

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Ho Hum

What a day I have had! The weather has been awful with. Big naughty gale shouting at me and bringing rain and sleet as well. BUT I still went out to play. It needed all my intrepidness but I did it and I am afraid I worried my MH, but a puss has to do these things.

And besides, there are no seats for me in my house 'cos my friends N. and M. came to help my humans to take all the furniture out of my living room and tomorrow the new carpet is coming and then everything will be back to normal again and I for one will be very happy.

I have some pictures for you but my MH says she will show you them tomorrow as she is still a wee bit very busy and she is sure you understand.

I hope I will have much more news for you tomorrow, but I am quite well and I hope you are well too.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Still Busy

My house is in a big bit of a mess and all the things from my living room are away in boxes except for all the big bits of furniture and my MH said that tomorrow some of our friends are coming to help us take all those chairs and tables and couch and television out of my living room and I have no idea where they are going 'cos all the other rooms are nearly filled up already.

Normally I would be very worried about all of this, but my MH sat with me yesterday and explained it all so I am quite happy. My only little problem is where I am going to sit tomorrow if we have no chairs. I am certainly not sitting on the floor! I have never done that and I don't intend to start now! Hee hee

My poor old DH has a bigger problem than me 'cos my MH says he is not getting to stand on the new carpet unless he is wearing his slippers and he doesn't like slippers, so I shall be very interested to see what happens. I think he will wear slippers! It is much easier to agree with the Boss and I think he knows that. I did hear her mention that I might be getting slippers for my adorable little feets too although she accepts that I keep them clean. Maybe I could teach my DH what to do? Is that making a funny picture in your head?

I don't know if I will be able to write to you tomorrow 'cos we are all going to be busy, but I will try. It is still windy on my island and there has been lots and lots of rain.In fact, at one time it was raining so hard that we couldn't hear my television and my MH turned it way up high and then when the rain went off, the sound nearly hurt all our lugs!

I have still been able to get out to play lots of times and when I come back in I am usually cold, so I just stand on the chair until my MH lifts me up and cuddles me until I am warm again and I just love that.

I think I shall have to have a rest now 'cos I may not get much peace tomorrow with lots going on in my house and it will be the same on Monday when some men that I don't know yet come to put down the new carpet and then I shall a lot of sniffing to do. I hope that I like it, but even if I don't, I shall just pretend that I do.

I am just that kind of puss! Adorable!!!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Upheaval in my house

And I am not happy. Well, that's a wee bit of a lie 'cos there are so many boxes around that I am having great fun jumping in and out of them and as a very special surprise, I had a visit from my bestest friend S. today 'cos she wanted to help my MH. I think maybe I should explain what is happening in my house. I only found out yesterday night so I can tell you.

We are getting a new carpet in my living room! When I saw all the ornaments and things going into boxes I though that maybe we were leaving my beloved little island and I was very, very sad, but my MH sat me on her knee last night and said that we had to have a new carpet but we weren't going anywhere, and that made me happy.

So, it has been a busy day in my house with my humans and my friend S. putting all our lovely things into boxes and my DH shifting bits of furniture and me watching from the back of anything that didn't move! Just as I was getting a bit fed up, my DH appeared with more empty boxes and I had more good fun jumping in and out of them all. Now I am a wee bit tired so I am having a rest on my couch while it is still in my living room 'cos I am not very sure where it is going to be tomorrow! Hee hee.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Not a Good Thursday

We were all up very early this morning and the first thing that I noticed was that it was still dark, but I was undaunted and as I gobbled up my breakfast I was all prepared to put on my intrepid suit and go out into the wind and the rain. My MH opened the window and I was off! So far so good. I had a wee play and watched as the sky got lighter and was quite prepared to spend my day just nipping in and out at will. But it was not to be. Oh dear me no. I was tricked!

My MH called for me and I went inside and sat with her for a wee while as she told me that they had to go and leave me for the WHOLE day! Not a happy puss, I can tell you. However, I had worked out that if I nipped out when they opened the door, they couldn't go away and leave me 'cos it was too blowy to leave the window open and they would never leave me outside in the wind and the rain. So I sat and waited patiently at the inside door just waiting for them to open the outside door and then I was going to scoot into my garden. But,--- and I am almost too embarrassed to tell you this. My DH put down some wee treats for me and as I was busy devouring them, they nipped away leaving me inside, all alone and a wee bit sad. But quite full up. Hee hee

I sat on the window sill and had a few naps while I waited for them to come back but then I got a wee bit concerned 'cos it was getting dark and they still weren't home. My living room was dark and I didn't know how to put the lights on so I just had to sit there and worry until I suddenly heard the door open and all the lights were on and my humans were back to me. Oh happy happy Squeak.

I ran into the kitchen purring my hellos and my MH lifted me up and gave me the biggest cuddle I have ever had and I liked it millions. She told me she had missed me but knew I would be safe in my house until they both came back home again. And of course I was. I was just a bit lonely, 'cos I don't like it when I am here on my own, but it doesn't happen very often.

And today was a special day for my MH so I understand and I am trying to help her feel a bit better and she says she loves me for that----naturally!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A Good Day

Me and my MH have had a good day but my poor old DH has a rotten cold and has been coughing and sneezing so he didn't go to the Cat Shop, but he is feeling a bit better now.

The weather on my little island still isn't brilliant but I have still managed to get out to play as often as I want. I go out lots of times, but I don't stay out as long as I do in the summer 'cos it is a wee bit cold for me, so I just nip home to get warm and a cuddle and it was during one of these trips in that I discovered my humans had got me a wee new mouse toy which I liked playing with. As you can see!

I got another wee surprise 'cos for some reason my MH was a wee bit tired this afternoon and she decided to have a snooze on my couch and I snuggled under the blanket beside her and my DH said we were both snoring very loudly! But we were both very comfortable.

I do enjoy my little snooze, but if it is with my MH, then it is even better.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

More Wind

It was raining a lot today and the wind was shouting at me again, but I still nipped outside after my breakfast and when I came back in I was not best pleased 'cos I noticed that my MH had her 'town clothes' on which meant she was going away to leave me. Sigh!

I jumped up on her knee and had my little drop of milk and I settled down for a little nap. I wasn't really sleepy, but I figured that if I was asleep, she wouldn't have the heart to waken me and so she would miss the boat and not leave me. Crafty, eh? But while she was stroking my adorable little lugs she told me she was going to get her haircut and she would be home at dinner time, so that made me happier and I let her go. I am just the goodest puss in this world. My MH tells me that all the time so it must be true.

I looked after my DH and we had a wee chat and before I knew it, the old dear was back in my kitchen lifting me up for a great big cuddle and I was so very happy. I sat with her for a while and then we played with some of my toys which was good fun and then it was time to go outside again.

My timing wasn't great, I'm afraid and as soon as I went outside the rain came pouring down and I got a wee bit soaking wet again. I scooted under the pampas grass and I had to wait there until the rain went off before I got back in the house where I stood on the chair until I got dried off and then I was happy again.

I will probably go out later and no doubt I will get a wee bit soaking wet again but as long as I get dried with some tissues and then a cuddle I don't mind at all. I think 'intrepid' might be my middle name. Squeak 'Intrepid' Mathieson-- a nice ring to that, methinks!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Just Another Monday

But a very good Monday just the same and I have liked it a lot. We were all up quite early 'cos my DH was going to the Cat Shop and my MH was in a hurry to play with her vacuum cleaner and I was desperate to get out to see what kind of day it was. It was a bit very wet and there was a wee wind, but that meant nothing at all to this intrepid little puss, so I went out and had a wander all round my favourite places before heading back inside to get my little drop of milk. I am always surprised at how well I can time this and I hardly ever miss a wee drink which is great.

The weather got a bit worser in the afternoon so I just lay on the back of my couch and helped my MH to do her puzzles and read her book when she had finished all her work. I even got some real stew when she was making the dinner and I liked that.

Just before my DH came home I asked my MH if she would play with me and she did and she let me choose which toys I wanted to play with. I had a wee think while she waited patiently and then I picked one out and she helped me to have some really good fun.

I had to have a rest until dinner time and then I went outside again for a long time and now I am snoozing on one of my favourite chairs until I have saved up enough energy to hit the fields again.

So you see, just another Monday but a good day for this adorable little puss.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Normal Service.....

... has been well and truly resumed, I am very happy to say and I have had a very good day although I have confused my humans a lot. Hee hee. It has been very cold and sometimes it has been wet, but have I stayed in? No, indeed I have not. BUT! A few times--in fact--a LOT of times I went out the door, stayed out long enough to get cold and soaking wet and then went back in to get warmed up with a cuddle and dried and then, do you know what I did? Of course you do. I went back out again and did the same thing over and over! My poor old DH shooked his head so much that he was nearly dizzy and my MH just smiled 'cos she knew I was very happy.

We even had a couple of visitors who gave me lots of cuddles and they tooked all the dishes away from my kitchen so I had more room to run about. I will tell you the truth about the dishes in case you are worried. My MH was helping to wash them all up after the Harvest Home so she was a rather busy MH yesterday, but today it was playtime with Squeak for her and that made for a very happy MH and an extremely delirious pussycat.

At one point I asked her to play with me and she got down on the floor and we played for a long time and even my DH played too when he found a wee bit of string so we all had a very good day and I am so glad that we are back to normal again. I hope you are having a good time too.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

It's Me Again

I'm a wee bit late tonight 'cos my humans have been a bit busy. I think they didn't have enough money to buy their dinner last night 'cos my MH has been washing dishes nearly all afternoon! Poor old thing. But she still had lots of time for me and I got my cuddles and tickles, so I am back to my happy normal self. Oh, did I forget adorable!

They had a very good night last night and I got out to play when they comed home about half past one o'clock in this morning. I didn't sty out too long though 'cos it was too cold for me, so I nipped back in and cuddled up beside my MH who was a wee bit tired.

It has been a very cold day on my little island and there has been some snow but no wind so I like being out to play in that. I got a bit very wet a couple of times and my DH had to find a towel to make me all dry, but do you know what I did then? I went straight back outside again and he just shooked his head.

So,I have had a good day and my MH says that we are back to normal again for a wee while, so that is very fine and I am looking forward to a day when all their attention is directed at me.

Just as it should be!!

Friday, 20 November 2015


This is a very quick message to let you know that I am very well but my dear old MH is busy with our Harvest Home and she says I can write to you tomorrow.

Lots of purrs from me


Thursday, 19 November 2015

A Nice Quiet Day.....

.... in every way. We wakened up this morning and it was quiet on my little island. No wind screaming at me and no rain banging off my windows so I knew I was going to have a good time.

My breakfast was gobbled up in jig time and then I was off into the outside for a big explore and I had great fun chatting to the sheeps in the field. I was out for a very long time, but when I went back home my MH was waiting for me with my wee drop of milk in the bottom of her cereal bowl. I lapped that all up and then me and my MH had a long chat while she stroked me and cuddled my adorable little lugs.

It was then time for the old dear to start her housework so I just followed her round my house while she used all her polishes and dusters and of course the vacuum cleaner. Oh dear. To be honest, I am getting used to it and I sit and watch it going all over my house and I give it the evil eye, so it doesn't come near me now and I am perfectly happy with that.

I was in the greenhouse with my DH although it has magic-ed itself into a workshop again, but it still has my chair inside so I can sit there and watch the old boy working and that's good too. I do a lot of watching. My MH left the window open all day so I could nip in and out as much as I wanted and that was great 'cos although it wasn't windy or wet, it was a wee bit cold so I didn't stay out for too long and every time I went in, you all know what I found.

YES! A cuddle! Magic!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Nothing Unusual

Just an ordinary Squeak day really. My DH went away on the boat and me and my MH did very little. And that really is all I have to tell you. She had to go away out for a while, so I had a snooze on the back of my couch til she came back and then I moved my seat on to her knee and spent a long while there. The weather has been a lot better so I have been able to get out a lot and as there are some sheeps in the field in front of my house, I have had some company.

AND! And this is the bestest news of all. I know what I want from Santa. It is a big present, so being a very thoughtful little puss, I have told my humans that if they get me this one last thing that I will ever, ever ask for, it can be my birthday AND Christmas present. I think that might just swing it. Do you want to know what it is? Of course you do.

It is a highland cow! I don't mind if it a lady cow or a man cow, but it has to be a highland one with the long hair and the big horns. My friend J. sent me some pictures of these highland cows that are in a field beside her house and I fell in love right away and I want one and as my humans always get me what I want, I will have one! Yippee.

I can't write much more just now 'cos I will need to go and make all my plans for what I am going to call my new friend and where it is going to sleep 'cos there isn't much room left on my little bed, but I am sure my MH will sort something out.

She always does!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I will tell you a ittle secret...

......I am beginning to enjoy this wind!! Not really the wind itself, you understand 'cos that just blows me in to places I don't want to go in and sometimes it knocks me off my adorable little feets, but when it IS blowing, I have to stay inside and when I have to stay inside, my MH feels sorry for me and she plays with me. And that's the bit I like. See?

It was like that today and I didn't want to go out a lot for the rain was pouring down and there was a strong wind, so I just sat on my chair and looked sad and my dear old MH noticed this asked me if I wanted to play with her. Did I? Oh yes, indeed I did! So we played for a long time and we used a lot of my toys and I ran and ran round my living room and jumped up on the chairs and I had the very bestest of fun and so did my MH.

There is a funny picture for you today when I was hanging on to my MH's feets and I think my little claws were a wee bit sharp for her 'cos she was making funny noises when I was playing. I think they might have been sticking into her skin a wee bit. Oops! One of the other pictures is when I was allowing my DH to brush me. I don't really like getting brushed, but he asked so nicely that I didn't have the heart to say no, but I only stood still for a minute or two and then I was off! Oh, by the way my DH doesn't always dress like that, but he was going outside and as it was cold and wet, he wanted to be warm----and he was.

So I have a good day and I have decided that I will not let the wind upset me. If I need to use up all my energy then I shall just ask my MH and she will help me so all is well in the world of Squeak.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Another Windy Day

I knew I had definitely not gone deaf when I wakened up this morning 'cos the wind was shouting at me and I didn't really want to get out of bed, but I did and as usual, I made the best of my day, but it could have been better. My DH was worried in case he couldn't get to the Cat Shop, but the boat came and tooked him away and he was a happy DH. He likes going to the shop so me and my MH were happy for him too.

We had our usual chat about what to do with our day, but 'cos it was Monday, I didn't really need a chat as I know it is cleaning day, but I enjoyed a seat on the old dear's knee for a while. I did manage a quick run round my garden, but then I went and lay on my little bed while my MH was doing all her work. She kept coming to see me and every time she did, I got a big cuddle and she told me she loved me and I purred a loud purr for her to tell her I was happy.

And that was my day. Nothing very exciting 'cos the weather wasn't good, but I had a play with the old dear and I liked that. I hope you like today's photos. They were taken a couple of days ago and if you look very carefully you will see the lady cows outside my window and these belong to the nice farmer man next door, but they are all in the byres now, so I don't see them any more which is a shame but at least they are away from this awful wind. My MH thinks I have a very funny expression on my adorable little face, but she loves it millions. And to be honest, who wouldn't?

The other picture was taken when I was playing with the old dear and we were having very good fun as I rolled all over my living room floor. My MH was lying on the floor with me, but she didn't roll which was a shame. I would give all my paw-kit money to see THAT!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

An out to play day

Yippee! I got outside without getting blowed away. Me and my MH thought we had gone deaf when we wakened up in this morning, but I meowed and she heard me and she spoke and I heard her, so we decided that the wind wasn't shouting at us today and we were very happy. Sadly, it is not to last said my little weather man friend, but at least I have had today.

While my MH was having her breakfast, I sat on the window sill with my little nose sticking out of the open window. I was just sniffing the fresh air and liking it very much. I managed a few trips outside during the day and even had a wander round to my greenhouse with my DH which he liked very much. I am lying on my couch just now and I can hear the wind coming back to us again and I am not the happiest puss in the world, but I will just have to put up with it. Sigh

We have had our usual lazy Sunday and we have all enjoyed ourselves, but I don't have very much news for you. I am enjoying watching 'Strictly' with my MH and we both love Jay 'specially when he got his hair all cut. He is our favourite and he makes my adorable little heart do a funny flutter when he comes on and I am sure he would feel the same if he could see me.

Do you think if I sat right in front of my television he might see me? I haven't quite worked out how that all works, but it might be worth a try. I shall let you know.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Windy, Windy, Windy

The wind shouted at me all last night and all of today but it is finally having a rest and my little island is a bit quieter but my little weather man friend said that it is going to come back again tomorrow, so I will need to get out to play in a wee while.

I was able to get out for a long play before bedtime last night 'cos if the wind is blowing from the South, I can go in and out my window in the living room and if it is blowing from the North, I can go out the door, so there is usually some way I can get out and you all know how much I love being out at night. So off I went and had a play and a wee chat to the cows and they told me that the nice farmer man next door was going to put them all in the byres for the winter so that they wouldn't be too cold. I will miss them but I understand. I'm just that kind of puss!

It was very windy again today but I asked my MH to please open the window for me and I made her laugh 'cos she was watching me and as soon as my four adorable little paws hit the ground, I scooted as fast as they could take me over to my pampas grass and I sat there and had a good shelter as you will see from one of the pictures. It is very handy and I stay there lots of times until I am ready to go home again.

I played again with my MH and my little toys and we had super fun. She watched me as I ran all over my living room and she lay on the floor beside me so that she could try and catch me and tickle me 'cos I love that too. We played for a long time and then I had a snooze before dinner and as soon as it was all safely inside my little tummy, I went out to play again. I have to try an keep up with my routine and I shall be heading out again before bed time,

I just hope the wind stays away long enough to let me enjoy myself.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Still Stormy

There were lots of great big winds last night and they were all shouting outside my house and my poor old MH wasn't happy at all. My DH didn't mind too much and what did I do? I put on my little lead outfit and went out to play! I had been out a few times throughout the evening but didn't stay out too long 'cos it was a bit cold, but after my MH went to bed, I decided to be a very intrepid little Squeak and went out. My DH was amazed and I'm afraid the old dear was a bit worried in case I blowed away. But instead of that, I blowed back in through my window and cuddled up beside her and she was very happy.

We were up a few times during the night when the wind rattled my house, but I told her it would be fine---and it was. We have no damage at all. And how do I know this? 'Cos me and my DH did a big inspection of all round my garden and it is all fine. The wind is still shouting at us but not just as angrily as last night and I have already been out a couple of times which will probably do me until later on tonight and then I am afraid I will worry my MH again. Sigh. I don't like doing that, but I have to get out, sure I do?

Today's pictures are of me and my MH playing in my living room. She was working at the table and I was a wee bit bored, so I very politely asked her if she would play with me and she did 'cos she knows it is much easier to give in right away 'cos I just keep asking and asking--louder and louder! Hee hee.

We did have lots of brilliant fun and she enjoyed it every bit as much as me. I played with lots of my toys, but my favourite one is still my little blue mouse that my friend J. sended me all the way in the post from a place lots and lots of miles away. I love my little mouse and play with it lots, so thank you again to my friend J.

We are all listening to the radio tonight 'cos it is Children in Need and I am hoping I get something nice 'cos once I got a new scratching pole and lots of goodies for my adorable little tummy, so I have got my little paws crossed and I am listening very carefully. Then I will go out to play again.

Oh, happy Squeak!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Stormy Day

It has been wet and windy today so I haven't been out very much. In fact, I made my humans laugh when I asked my MH to let me out the door and I scooted round my house and went back in the window. I was only out for a couple of minutes and didn't even have enough time for a widdle. My humans did wonder why I went out, but I just needed some fresh air.

There is a big storm forecast for us for tomorrow and my MH was joking that I might need little lead boots in case I blow away, but I probably won't be going out much at all. We will need to wait and see. My MH is a wee bit worried 'cos she doesn't like the wind and my DH is a big bit worried 'cos if it is too bad then the boat won't come to my little island and that means he won't get his bottle of beers. If that's the case, I think me and my MH will need to move into the gym for a while!! Oh dear. Poor DH.

However, I have had a very good day. I asked my MH to play with me and she did. We played for a long time in my bedroom and she covered me up in my blanket and tickled me and I just loved that and then we played in the living room with lots of my toys and at one time I made her laugh again 'cos I did something very funny.

I was sitting on my rocking chair and my MH was holding one of my toys that is on a stick and she was waving it towards me and at one point I jumped up and when I landed I couldn't find it. I looked all over the chair. I looked under the chair and still I couldn't see it and I was getting a tad annoyed and then I found it. I was sitting on it! Oh, I did feel silly, but the old dear thought it was very funny.

Later on in the afternoon, my MH decided to have a wee nap on our couch and I snuggled up beside her and we both had a snore for a wee while and that was very good. So, you can see that I have had a very good day, and if my tomorrow is as good as my today, then the horrible storm won't worry me at all.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Not Too Bad Wednesday

My day has been good, but very lazy. I was out a lot last night and I was out very late much to my DH's annoyance. The old dear had gone to bed and once I saw that she was sound asleep, I went out to play. My DH told me not to be too long 'cos he wanted to go to bed a wee bit earlier than normal, but I sort of lost track of the time and I think something must have happened to my hearing 'cos I didn't hear him whistling the first time or the second time, but I managed it on the third whistle. Oh dear, he was not very pleased with me, but a wee special purr and a rub on his ankle and all was forgiven. Oh yes, they are putty in my paws!

He went away to the Cat Shop as normal this morning and me and my MH had a long time on my couch just talking and thinking and all the time she was doing this, she was stroking me and I was nearly nodding off, but I was happy. And that is how my day continued. Happy! I wandered into my garden a few times, I nipped in and had a lie on my bed a few times and I sat on my MH's knee a lot of times and I was happy. Still very happy!

I watched as my MH played on her Wii and then we had time for another cuddle together before my DH came home and then we listened while he told us all about his day. I went with him into the greenhouse while my MH was making our dinner and now I am fast asleep on my couch gathering up all my energy for my going out time later on.

I have a routine and I like it and as long as the weather lets me carry it out then I am a very happy little Squeak. I hope your routine makes you happy too.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Better Tuesday

At least the wind has stopped shouting at us today and that meant that yours truly could jump out of the window without a parachute! Oh dear, I have just had a picture in my mind of this adorable little puss plopping down from the sky in somebody's garden. That would be really funny, sure it would? Did I ever tell you that when my humans were on holiday in some far away place called Corfu my MH went up in a parachute that was tied on to the back of a speedboat? She told me she went high up into the air like a birdie. She was higher than the lighthouse on my island. Wow! My DH was in the boat and he told me he wished he had a big sharp knife with him---but he was just kidding, I think! :-) I think my dear old MH is very brave, but my DH was too scared. She said the next time she does that, she will take me with her. Yippee---I think (again!)

Anyway, today has been better and I have been outside lots and lots and I only got wet once and it was then that I gave my MH a fright. When she let me in, she was busy making the dinner and she didn't really look closely at me when I came in through the door. If I come in the window, she usually lifts me up and cuddles me, but I came in the door this time and 'cos she was busy, she just said hello to me and went back to the cooker. She didn't see that I was a tad wet, so I shouted at her. Oh, my dear friends, the poor old soul nearly jumped out of her skin. She was so surprised at the noise I was making and then she noticed the puddle under me and dried me right away. But it was a bit funny. I talk a lot to my DH, but my MH understands me so well that I don't need to tell her anything. Until this evening, that is. Maybe I need to resume her training. A little refresher course, methinks.

We played with some of my toys today and I liked that lots 'cos my DH was playing too and we all had good fun. We did that for a long time until I was a wee bit tired and then I had a little snooze on my couch. It is quite tiring being adorable all the time. But I manage!

I am hoping to get out to play later, but it is very wet again, so I may just have a few very quick trips outside. I'm not sure, but I shall come to a decision when I waken up. If I don't go out again, I know my humans will play with me so I am quite content--and happy. Yes, it has been a much better Tuesday and I hope your Tuesday has been good too.

Monday, 9 November 2015

What a Monday!

It was wet and very windy last night and even wetter and windier today so my DH had to stay at home with me and my MH instead of going to the Shop which made it a funny Monday for all of us. My MH did all her usual housework while me and the old boy spent the morning dodging the vacuum cleaner and her dusters. She tells me she is just stroking me, but I am convinced she is dusting me too, and I am not having that.

I have been outside quite a few times 'cos I am a very brave little puss, but I nearly got into trouble this evening when I asked the old dear to let me out. She had her laptop on her knee at the time and she had to shift that and then get up to open the window and by the time she had sat down and put her laptop back on her knee, I was back at the window hammering on it to get in again! Oh dear, she wasn't happy at all. She let me in, though and cuddled me, so that was good.

I will have a snooze on my couch but I shall have one ear listening to the wind and as soon as it goes away,then I shall be out to play again and I may stay out for a long time. I think that might be safer. One does not want to upset the Boss now, does one! Hee hee

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Normal Sevice....

.... with my MH's camera has been restored. I shall be technical for a second while I explain what happened last night. The cable thingy that goes between her camera and our computer was broke and my pictures couldn't get through it. See? But the old boy came to the rescue and he looked through all the millions of cables and bits of wire that he has and found one that fitted, so she got all my photos off to show you and she was very happy with my DH.

I have had a good day but it hasn't been very nice outside with wind and rain and my little weather man friend says that it is going to get a lot worse and that my DH might not get to the Cat Shop tomorrow 'cos the sea might be too bumpy for the boat to come to us, but he will just need to wait till tomorrow and see what happens.

My pictures were taken on my walk yesterday and you can see me stalking my prey and then making a big spring for it. You can also see me running to fast that I blurred the camera and it made my humans smile and then there is a lovely one of yours truly. Now, just in case you are worried and think I might be turning into a naughty puss, I was only pretending to stalk something. I pretend lots of times and my humans think I have a great imagination.

And I for one am not arguing with them. I hope you like my pictures and that they were worth waiting for.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

A Crackin' Day

I have had a very good day doing lots and lots of the things that I just love. We didn't need to get up too early and me and my MH had a long seat on my couch just chatting and cuddling and then I went outside with my DH to see what he wanted to do.

Although it was a wee bit damp, it wasn't too bad and I was happy just wandering round the fields and I had a word with some of the lady cows who are in the field in front of my house and they told me that as it would soon be winter, the nice farmer man would be putting them into the byres in a wee while, so I won't see them for a long, long time and this made me a wee bit sad, but I know they have to be warm so I understand.

Later in the afternoon I was having a snooze when I heard my MH asking if I wanted to go for a walk with her. Well! That wakened me up very quickly, and before she had her jacket on, yours truly was at the gate! Hee hee We wandered down the path outside my house and I ran and jumped and climbed and sniffed and I was just the happiest little puss on this planet. My MH was quite happy too.

My DH was outside and he was watching me and I made him smile when I stalked a great big leaf and then after going through the 'killing' routine with my lugs and bum, I pounced on it and they both roared with laughter. My MH tooked lots of pictures but there is something wrong with her camera lead, so she says if you can wait till tomorrow, she will put some on for you then. I haven't seen them either, so I hope they are good.

But if they are of me, then they will be. Sure they will? Hee hee (again!)

Friday, 6 November 2015

Not Much News.....

....but I have had a very good day. It has been a lazy day and as you know, my MH doesn't do very much in the housework department on a Friday, so there is plenty time for me and I make sure I get my fair share, and then a wee bit more! Hee hee

It was a wee bit wet today so I had to time my outside trips very carefully and I managed perfectly right up until after dinner time and then it sort of went a wee bit wrong and I got soaking wet, as in totally dripping! Sigh. My MH let me in the window and I just stood there so that she could get a good view, which she did, and then she very quickly went away to get a towel to make me all dry and adorable again. Not that I am NOT adorable when I am wet, you understand, but I am sure you know what I mean.

So, I got all dried and then had a snooze on my couch until my MH tooked out her computer to write to you and then I sat beside her with my little head on her keyboard so that I could watch and make sure she told you everything that I did today, although I must admit, I haven't done very much, but what I have done, I have enjoyed!

I spent most of my time outside playing in the fields and it was quite a funny feeling when the wet grass tickled my little under carriage, but I didn't let my MH dry that bit. I did it all by my adorable little self.

I am resting again, but if it's not too wet later, then I shall have a few trips out before bedtime. My humans have noticed that I am still going out as many times, but I don't stay out too long 'cos it is getting a tad cool for me and I prefer to be inside in the warm beside my humans.

Oh yes. Life is good.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Happy Pussy Cat

I am still having good fun although I am not doing very much, but what I am doing, I am liking. I had a big explore of my DH's new car and I quite liked it. Don't tell him please, but I prefer my MH's little kangaroo!

We have all had a good day and although my MH was doing some housework, I was able to be outside with my DH while she was running round my house with her vacuum cleaner, but every time I decided to go indoors and see what she was doing, she stopped and gave me a cuddle, so needless to say, I went inside quite a lot.

It was just me and my DH in my house this afternoon as one of my friends came and took my MH away to see another lady friend so me and the old boy had a lovely quiet afternoon just snoozing--me, and reading--him, but every now and then, I would nip up onto his knee and I let him stroke me and cuddle me and he liked that.

After I had my dinner, I was getting ready to go out to play and my MH explained that I might hear lots of bangs tonight, but I was not to be frightened. I'm not too sure I understood the full story but it is something to do with a man called Guy Fawkes who keeps letting off fireworks everywhere, but as long as I stay round about my own garden, I will be very safe. So I will do just that.

We are having a lazy weekend in my house and both my humans are staying home with me and the thought of that makes me very, very happy. I hope you are happy too.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I'm Still Smiling

Life is back to normal for me and I like that. My DH was back at the Cat Shop and my MH had to take him to the boat 'cos his car is still not well but a wee while later she was back to me and I was sitting on her bit of the couch to make it warm for her. I sit there every time she gets up but as soon as my MH comes to sit down again, I get up without being told and that makes her smile and give me a cuddle.

So, we sat on my couch and had a chat about what she was going to do and I was a wee bit annoyed 'cos she said that she had to do a wee bit of housework, but she would be as quick as lightning and the rest of the day would be mine, so I forgived her. I had a little snooze and when I wakened up, I went and found her in my bedroom doing some dusting so I nipped up onto our bed and waited for her to finish. And do you know what she did? She cuddled me until I was sleepy again and then she put the HORRIBLE de-flea stuff on me. Oh dear. She can still catch me. I am not at all happy and you can all tell me it's for my own good, and I know that, but I don't have to like it, do I? No, No, No

However, the rest of my day went very well with lots of trips out in my garden and lots of sits with the old dear and then when my DH came home I got another surprise when he brought home a new car for himself 'cos he doesn't think his other one will go again and this will save my dear old MH having to go to the pier with him although she doesn't mind as she loves driving her little kangaroo, but she is happy my DH has his own car too.

So, tonight, we are a very happy little family.