Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Better Tuesday

At least the wind has stopped shouting at us today and that meant that yours truly could jump out of the window without a parachute! Oh dear, I have just had a picture in my mind of this adorable little puss plopping down from the sky in somebody's garden. That would be really funny, sure it would? Did I ever tell you that when my humans were on holiday in some far away place called Corfu my MH went up in a parachute that was tied on to the back of a speedboat? She told me she went high up into the air like a birdie. She was higher than the lighthouse on my island. Wow! My DH was in the boat and he told me he wished he had a big sharp knife with him---but he was just kidding, I think! :-) I think my dear old MH is very brave, but my DH was too scared. She said the next time she does that, she will take me with her. Yippee---I think (again!)

Anyway, today has been better and I have been outside lots and lots and I only got wet once and it was then that I gave my MH a fright. When she let me in, she was busy making the dinner and she didn't really look closely at me when I came in through the door. If I come in the window, she usually lifts me up and cuddles me, but I came in the door this time and 'cos she was busy, she just said hello to me and went back to the cooker. She didn't see that I was a tad wet, so I shouted at her. Oh, my dear friends, the poor old soul nearly jumped out of her skin. She was so surprised at the noise I was making and then she noticed the puddle under me and dried me right away. But it was a bit funny. I talk a lot to my DH, but my MH understands me so well that I don't need to tell her anything. Until this evening, that is. Maybe I need to resume her training. A little refresher course, methinks.

We played with some of my toys today and I liked that lots 'cos my DH was playing too and we all had good fun. We did that for a long time until I was a wee bit tired and then I had a little snooze on my couch. It is quite tiring being adorable all the time. But I manage!

I am hoping to get out to play later, but it is very wet again, so I may just have a few very quick trips outside. I'm not sure, but I shall come to a decision when I waken up. If I don't go out again, I know my humans will play with me so I am quite content--and happy. Yes, it has been a much better Tuesday and I hope your Tuesday has been good too.

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