Thursday, 19 November 2015

A Nice Quiet Day.....

.... in every way. We wakened up this morning and it was quiet on my little island. No wind screaming at me and no rain banging off my windows so I knew I was going to have a good time.

My breakfast was gobbled up in jig time and then I was off into the outside for a big explore and I had great fun chatting to the sheeps in the field. I was out for a very long time, but when I went back home my MH was waiting for me with my wee drop of milk in the bottom of her cereal bowl. I lapped that all up and then me and my MH had a long chat while she stroked me and cuddled my adorable little lugs.

It was then time for the old dear to start her housework so I just followed her round my house while she used all her polishes and dusters and of course the vacuum cleaner. Oh dear. To be honest, I am getting used to it and I sit and watch it going all over my house and I give it the evil eye, so it doesn't come near me now and I am perfectly happy with that.

I was in the greenhouse with my DH although it has magic-ed itself into a workshop again, but it still has my chair inside so I can sit there and watch the old boy working and that's good too. I do a lot of watching. My MH left the window open all day so I could nip in and out as much as I wanted and that was great 'cos although it wasn't windy or wet, it was a wee bit cold so I didn't stay out for too long and every time I went in, you all know what I found.

YES! A cuddle! Magic!

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