Monday, 16 November 2015

Another Windy Day

I knew I had definitely not gone deaf when I wakened up this morning 'cos the wind was shouting at me and I didn't really want to get out of bed, but I did and as usual, I made the best of my day, but it could have been better. My DH was worried in case he couldn't get to the Cat Shop, but the boat came and tooked him away and he was a happy DH. He likes going to the shop so me and my MH were happy for him too.

We had our usual chat about what to do with our day, but 'cos it was Monday, I didn't really need a chat as I know it is cleaning day, but I enjoyed a seat on the old dear's knee for a while. I did manage a quick run round my garden, but then I went and lay on my little bed while my MH was doing all her work. She kept coming to see me and every time she did, I got a big cuddle and she told me she loved me and I purred a loud purr for her to tell her I was happy.

And that was my day. Nothing very exciting 'cos the weather wasn't good, but I had a play with the old dear and I liked that. I hope you like today's photos. They were taken a couple of days ago and if you look very carefully you will see the lady cows outside my window and these belong to the nice farmer man next door, but they are all in the byres now, so I don't see them any more which is a shame but at least they are away from this awful wind. My MH thinks I have a very funny expression on my adorable little face, but she loves it millions. And to be honest, who wouldn't?

The other picture was taken when I was playing with the old dear and we were having very good fun as I rolled all over my living room floor. My MH was lying on the floor with me, but she didn't roll which was a shame. I would give all my paw-kit money to see THAT!

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