Monday, 30 November 2015

Before and After

Well, I still haven't had the bestest of days but at least it did get better and my living room is nearly back to just how I like it.

Last night was very windy on my little island but I discovered something very interesting in my garden and I kept going out to see it. I can't tell you what it was though 'cos my MH doesn't know and if she doesn't know, then neither do you, I'm afraid. I sat on the window sill and yowled until I was let out and then a while later I sat on the window sill and yowled to be let IN! I was only in for a heat and a wee biscuit and then I was back outside again much to the worry of the old dear. Sorry MH.

However, it was on one of these trips back in that I got a very unpleasant surprise 'cos my friends N. & M. were pulling up my carpet and I wasn't very happy even though my MH had explained what was happening, but it didn't mean I had to like it now, did it? And that's how the rest of the evening went with all my lovely things being packed away, but I am happy to say that some of my toys were left out for me and when all the work was done, my MH played with me but my adorable little heart wasn't really in it. I just did it to please her.

This morning two men came to my house that I didn't know and they started putting another carpet down on my floor and that made me a lot happier and when they went away my humans started putting all the things from the boxes back where they should be and I liked that a lot. My MH said that it will all be finished tomorrow and then I shall once again be the centre of their universe!

I am still having lots of trips out but it's not just as windy so I am having good fun but the bestest bit is when I go home and I have a couch to sit on and a carpet to stand on. My needs are simple, but I do expect them to be met.

After all, that's what humans are for, is it not?

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