Sunday, 1 November 2015

Big Sighs

Oh dear. I have been neglected and I have to be more neglected tonight 'cos my humans are going out. Ho hum! My Dh had to do to the Cat Shop today and my MH was helping to decorate the Hall for the island Halloween Party which is tonight and that's where they are both going and , as usual, I can't go. Ho hum again!

This is the night when they get all dressed up and go away out and to be honest, when they look so different, I am quite glad they go out, but I do miss their company. However, my MH has said she will make it all up to me tomorrow with lots of attention and cuddles, so I won't complain too much.

I did tell her she would be missing 'Strictly' and I could see she nearly changed her mind, but since she helps with all the games, she really HAS to go. And she told me she would tape it and tomorrow afternoon me and her would settle down on my couch and watch it together, so I am happy with that idea.

So because of all that, I don't have any news at all, but I will ask the old dear to put some pictures of them on for you as long as you won't be too frightened. Hee hee

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