Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I will tell you a ittle secret...

......I am beginning to enjoy this wind!! Not really the wind itself, you understand 'cos that just blows me in to places I don't want to go in and sometimes it knocks me off my adorable little feets, but when it IS blowing, I have to stay inside and when I have to stay inside, my MH feels sorry for me and she plays with me. And that's the bit I like. See?

It was like that today and I didn't want to go out a lot for the rain was pouring down and there was a strong wind, so I just sat on my chair and looked sad and my dear old MH noticed this asked me if I wanted to play with her. Did I? Oh yes, indeed I did! So we played for a long time and we used a lot of my toys and I ran and ran round my living room and jumped up on the chairs and I had the very bestest of fun and so did my MH.

There is a funny picture for you today when I was hanging on to my MH's feets and I think my little claws were a wee bit sharp for her 'cos she was making funny noises when I was playing. I think they might have been sticking into her skin a wee bit. Oops! One of the other pictures is when I was allowing my DH to brush me. I don't really like getting brushed, but he asked so nicely that I didn't have the heart to say no, but I only stood still for a minute or two and then I was off! Oh, by the way my DH doesn't always dress like that, but he was going outside and as it was cold and wet, he wanted to be warm----and he was.

So I have a good day and I have decided that I will not let the wind upset me. If I need to use up all my energy then I shall just ask my MH and she will help me so all is well in the world of Squeak.

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