Saturday, 21 November 2015

It's Me Again

I'm a wee bit late tonight 'cos my humans have been a bit busy. I think they didn't have enough money to buy their dinner last night 'cos my MH has been washing dishes nearly all afternoon! Poor old thing. But she still had lots of time for me and I got my cuddles and tickles, so I am back to my happy normal self. Oh, did I forget adorable!

They had a very good night last night and I got out to play when they comed home about half past one o'clock in this morning. I didn't sty out too long though 'cos it was too cold for me, so I nipped back in and cuddled up beside my MH who was a wee bit tired.

It has been a very cold day on my little island and there has been some snow but no wind so I like being out to play in that. I got a bit very wet a couple of times and my DH had to find a towel to make me all dry, but do you know what I did then? I went straight back outside again and he just shooked his head.

So,I have had a good day and my MH says that we are back to normal again for a wee while, so that is very fine and I am looking forward to a day when all their attention is directed at me.

Just as it should be!!

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