Tuesday, 24 November 2015

More Wind

It was raining a lot today and the wind was shouting at me again, but I still nipped outside after my breakfast and when I came back in I was not best pleased 'cos I noticed that my MH had her 'town clothes' on which meant she was going away to leave me. Sigh!

I jumped up on her knee and had my little drop of milk and I settled down for a little nap. I wasn't really sleepy, but I figured that if I was asleep, she wouldn't have the heart to waken me and so she would miss the boat and not leave me. Crafty, eh? But while she was stroking my adorable little lugs she told me she was going to get her haircut and she would be home at dinner time, so that made me happier and I let her go. I am just the goodest puss in this world. My MH tells me that all the time so it must be true.

I looked after my DH and we had a wee chat and before I knew it, the old dear was back in my kitchen lifting me up for a great big cuddle and I was so very happy. I sat with her for a while and then we played with some of my toys which was good fun and then it was time to go outside again.

My timing wasn't great, I'm afraid and as soon as I went outside the rain came pouring down and I got a wee bit soaking wet again. I scooted under the pampas grass and I had to wait there until the rain went off before I got back in the house where I stood on the chair until I got dried off and then I was happy again.

I will probably go out later and no doubt I will get a wee bit soaking wet again but as long as I get dried with some tissues and then a cuddle I don't mind at all. I think 'intrepid' might be my middle name. Squeak 'Intrepid' Mathieson-- a nice ring to that, methinks!

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