Sunday, 22 November 2015

Normal Service.....

... has been well and truly resumed, I am very happy to say and I have had a very good day although I have confused my humans a lot. Hee hee. It has been very cold and sometimes it has been wet, but have I stayed in? No, indeed I have not. BUT! A few times--in fact--a LOT of times I went out the door, stayed out long enough to get cold and soaking wet and then went back in to get warmed up with a cuddle and dried and then, do you know what I did? Of course you do. I went back out again and did the same thing over and over! My poor old DH shooked his head so much that he was nearly dizzy and my MH just smiled 'cos she knew I was very happy.

We even had a couple of visitors who gave me lots of cuddles and they tooked all the dishes away from my kitchen so I had more room to run about. I will tell you the truth about the dishes in case you are worried. My MH was helping to wash them all up after the Harvest Home so she was a rather busy MH yesterday, but today it was playtime with Squeak for her and that made for a very happy MH and an extremely delirious pussycat.

At one point I asked her to play with me and she got down on the floor and we played for a long time and even my DH played too when he found a wee bit of string so we all had a very good day and I am so glad that we are back to normal again. I hope you are having a good time too.

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