Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Nothing Unusual

Just an ordinary Squeak day really. My DH went away on the boat and me and my MH did very little. And that really is all I have to tell you. She had to go away out for a while, so I had a snooze on the back of my couch til she came back and then I moved my seat on to her knee and spent a long while there. The weather has been a lot better so I have been able to get out a lot and as there are some sheeps in the field in front of my house, I have had some company.

AND! And this is the bestest news of all. I know what I want from Santa. It is a big present, so being a very thoughtful little puss, I have told my humans that if they get me this one last thing that I will ever, ever ask for, it can be my birthday AND Christmas present. I think that might just swing it. Do you want to know what it is? Of course you do.

It is a highland cow! I don't mind if it a lady cow or a man cow, but it has to be a highland one with the long hair and the big horns. My friend J. sent me some pictures of these highland cows that are in a field beside her house and I fell in love right away and I want one and as my humans always get me what I want, I will have one! Yippee.

I can't write much more just now 'cos I will need to go and make all my plans for what I am going to call my new friend and where it is going to sleep 'cos there isn't much room left on my little bed, but I am sure my MH will sort something out.

She always does!

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