Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I have been smiling and purring all day as I have just been the happiest little puss in the en-tire world and it is all because my two humans have been with me the whole day. The weather hasn't been too bad so I have been able to go out to play lots of times and every time I nipped in my window, I could find my MH right away and she always had a cuddle in her pocket for me and I have been happy, happy, happy!

I even got two brilliant surprises which made my perfect day even perfecter. The nice farmer man from next door came to see my DH and he brought his big tractor with him, so yours truly went exploring again climbing up the wheels and looking into the driving bit. Next time it comes, I am going right inside and maybe the nice tractor driver man will take me for a ride--or as my MH says-- 'a hurl'. That would be the brilliantest thing ever!

My next surprise was when my very bestest friend S. came to see me and again, she brought a great big cuddle with her, so I have been very well cuddled today which I like. It was after she went away that my MH tooked these action shots of yours truly as I was sitting on the gate post and then jumping down again. I hope you like them.

Later in the afternoon, the old dear decided to change the beds again and I made her laugh out loud when I decided to be a big game hunter and kill something on my DH's bed. I was sitting on my MH's little bed and I got myself all ready to pounce at an imaginary HUGE monster just lurking nearby. I went through all the motions. Stare at it until it is petrified with fear; pin adorable lugs back onto equally adorable little head; wriggle simply delightful little bum then lift one front paw and SPRING, landing on said monster and killing it very, very dead. The next step in this brilliant game was to hop back onto my MH's bed and do it all over again and by this time, the old dear was laughing so loudly my DH had to come and see what I was doing so I had to do it all again. Sure I did? Well, you couldn't have him feeling left out now, could you?

So I hope you will understand why my day has been so good and I hope yours has been good too.

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