Friday, 27 November 2015

Upheaval in my house

And I am not happy. Well, that's a wee bit of a lie 'cos there are so many boxes around that I am having great fun jumping in and out of them and as a very special surprise, I had a visit from my bestest friend S. today 'cos she wanted to help my MH. I think maybe I should explain what is happening in my house. I only found out yesterday night so I can tell you.

We are getting a new carpet in my living room! When I saw all the ornaments and things going into boxes I though that maybe we were leaving my beloved little island and I was very, very sad, but my MH sat me on her knee last night and said that we had to have a new carpet but we weren't going anywhere, and that made me happy.

So, it has been a busy day in my house with my humans and my friend S. putting all our lovely things into boxes and my DH shifting bits of furniture and me watching from the back of anything that didn't move! Just as I was getting a bit fed up, my DH appeared with more empty boxes and I had more good fun jumping in and out of them all. Now I am a wee bit tired so I am having a rest on my couch while it is still in my living room 'cos I am not very sure where it is going to be tomorrow! Hee hee.

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