Monday, 21 December 2015

A Fun-Day Monday

It was a funny Monday for us all today 'cos my DH was at home and as you know, he is usually away at the Cat Shop, but it is closed for Christmas so he was here with me and my MH which was good.

It wasn't a very good day weather-wise, so I decided that I would stay indoors and have a snooze while my MH did a wee bit housework, but every now and then I would give her one of my signals that I wanted to play and she stopped what she was doing and played with me and I loved it LOTS!! Our first game was in the bedroom and now I rush in ahead of her and hide behind the door till she comes in and then I make one of my brilliant springs onto my bed and she covers me with my blanket and tickles me which is just wonderful. We played that game for a long time and then I let her go and do some more work while I had a snooze. Well, I was on the bed anyway!

Later in the afternoon, I discovered I had a lots more energy which needed to be used up, so I went and found the old dear in my kitchen and I raced into the living room and sat staring at my toys until she got the message. I was actually surprised at how quickly she managed it, but she came down on the floor with me and we played with all my toys again and it was just the very, very bestest.

I have had a very good day and my humans have promised me lots more days like this. I know they are going to be a wee bit busy tomorrow night at the party for all the childrens and then at the Nativity Play on Thursday, but apart from that, they are all MINE!!!

And what a programme I have got for them! They will love it I know, and you know I will love it!

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