Monday, 14 December 2015

A Fun Day

I got an early birthday present from my little weather man friend 'cos he made the weather on my little island so lovely that I have been able to get out to play lots and lots of times today which was good 'cos it meant I could escape the vacuum cleaner. Yippee!

My DH nipped away on the boat to the Cat Shop and my MH looked out all her cleaning things and I wandered outside and started exploring. It was a tad on the cool side, so I didn't stay out too long, but oh I did enjoy myself 'cos it was lovely and calm and very, very quiet. I think outside was a lot quieter than inside!

In the afternoon, when all her work was finished, I asked my MH to play with me and that's just what she did. My humans think it is funny that I am a very growed up cat of nearly six years old, but I still play with them like a baby kitten, but they like it as much as me, so that's just fine.

Today's pictures are of me playing with the old dear and one she took while I had stopped for a quick paw-dicure. A puss has to look after herself now especially when it is her birthday tomorrow. I don't think I have mentioned that, have I?

I am heading out to play now before it gets too cold, but I am looking forward being out in the dark when it is still lovey and calm. It is the kind of weather that just suits me right down to the ground, so thank you very much little weather man friend.

I do appreciate your present!


  1. So glad your day was better today, but I think we now have your wet and wild weather.

  2. Hello Bonnie I am sorry you are having not good weather. I will ask my little weather man friend if he can make it better for you. I hope you are well and I am happy you liked my card.