Monday, 28 December 2015

A Wee Disappointment

Although not enough to spoil what was a very good day. I am loving this holiday time and last night when we were sitting watching the television and I was sleeping on my MH's knee, we got some surprise visitors and I was very happy. Well, I was happy after I had been hiding under my couch for a while. Once I knew that these visitors liked me, then I came out to see them and to be stroked and cuddled.

You know I keep talking about the nice farmer man next door? Well, it was him and his wife and their daughter who lives in Edinburgh but was on my little island for Christmas. She was one of my MH's pupils in the school here when she was a little children and she always comes to see the old dear when she has time.We had a good night and I got lots and lots of cuddles and plenty of knees to choose from so I was a very happy Squeak.

It has been very windy on my little island so I have had just a few very quick trips outside and lots of sleeps on my little bed and it was during one of these sleeps that I had my little disappointment 'cos my DH caught my mouse! Boo

I have been smelling a mouse in my house for the past couple of days and I am afraid I gave my dear old MH a fright this morning when she was sleeping. I was sound asleep on top of her chest and she was sound asleep as well, but then I heard a mouse and I SPRANG off said bed and said chest and the old dear nearly fell off the bed with fright, but by the time I got anywhere, the mouse had gone.

So, this afternoon, my humans were sitting watching my television and out popped said mouse and where was I? Sound asleep on my bed in my bedroom. And to make it worse, my DH caught MY mouse and put it outside and I was not best pleased, I can tell you.

But a pussy cat has to sleep, sure she does? And there are lots of other mouses. I will get another one to lay with soon, never fear.

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