Friday, 18 December 2015

All Alone Was I

My humans went away to Kirkwall today and I was left all alone. However, apart from being a wee bit lonely, I didn't mind being in my house 'cos it poured with rain the whole day, so I just settled down on my little bed and slept till they came home again. Oh and by the way---- they were wet.

I felt sorry for them 'cos they were nearly ringing, but as soon as I gave them some of my very special purrs, they were perfectly happy again and my MH lifted me up and gave me one of her very special cuddles and I liked that.

But the very best bit was when I sat on my MH's knee and she told me that they wouldn't be going away on the boat again and that all their spare time will be just for me. And that is the very best Christmas present I can ever have.

Oh lucky Squeak. I hope you are lucky too.

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