Tuesday, 22 December 2015

An Excited Puss

I am getting very excited about Santa coming to see me and I am looking forward to my bestest present of all and that is having the COMPLETE attention of my humans, and it is nearly here! Yippee!!

I helped my MH today when she was fixing all the games and prizes for the party for the little childrens tonight and that made me even more excited. So much so, that I nearly had a wee accident, but my dear old MH saved me again! If I tell you she was blowing up balloons and one falled on to the floor beside me, can you guess the rest? Yep, I put one adorable little paw out to catch it for her, but by the time I had done this, my MH had grabbed it away from me and when she explained what could have happened, I was mightily relieved. Phew. I do not like loud bangs so I am very glad THAT didn't happen.

It is a dreadful evening on my little island and my humans are going to get wet and blowed about when they go out, but I shall stay in my warm house until they come home to me again and then give them both a big cuddle to make them warm again.

My MH says she doesn't have very much to do tomorrow, but she will be a bit busy on Thursday and then the rest of the time is just for ME.

And I for one can't wait!!

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