Tuesday, 29 December 2015

I think...

.... I would like it to be Christmas all the time 'cos I am liking this holiday time very much indeed. It is very relaxed in my house and my MH is just doing the tiniest little bit of housework and she keeps coming to find me wherever I am so that we can have a cuddle and a chat and that makes me so very, very happy. I don't want it to stop ----ever!

My DH nipped over to Stromness this afternoon and me and my MH stayed home and chatted, but we got a surprise when our friend M. came to see me and we had a lovely time together. Last week she had made my MH a beautiful Christmas cake and my MH told her how much she liked it so M.was very happy too.

I don't have much news for you 'cos we haven't been doing very many exciting things but we have been doing lovely things. It is getting a bit windy now on my little island and my little weather man friend has told me that there is going to be a great big gale tonight, so I don't think I shall be going out too much.

I am quite happy about that though, 'cos there is lots for me to do in my house and when it is night time, I can just snuggle up beside my MH so that we can both have the very bestest sleep.

Oh yes. I like this time very much and I hope you are liking it too.

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  1. Stay safe and warm dear Squeak, and do enjoy your cuddles. Holidays are a good time for enjoying your humans. Happy New Year to all. We have just experienced our first winter storm, with about 20 cm on the ground. I'll not be travelling too far in the next day or two.