Monday, 7 December 2015

Monday Again

... and we are all back to normal. I am very happy to tell you that my house is a lot better today than it was last Monday. I have been a lot happier today. I didn't tell you last week 'cos I thought you might think I was a silly puss, but last Monday when the carpet men came to my house, I was a wee bit so upset that I ran away and hided under one of the beds.

I had been there for quite a while 'cos both my humans were busy, but then my MH noticed that I wasn't around and she came looking all over my house for me but couldn't find me. She knew I wasn't under my couch 'cos it was all in bits and then she had a brainwave and she lay down on the floor in my bedroom and looked under the bed and there I was--all sad and a wee bit lonely. She called for me and I went running up to her. Well, it was more of a shuffle really 'cos I WAS under the bed, you see.

I snuggled up to her and purred while she stroked me and told me everything would be just fine and that made me feel a whole lot better, so I just nipped up on to the top of my bed and had a snooze till she came back in again. So you can see how today was ever so much better.

The old boy nipped over to the Cat Shop, my MH nipped into the cupboard to get her vacuum cleaner and dusters and I nipped out into the wind and I loved it! And that's how my day has been. A rest on my couch, a wee play outside and then in for a heat and a cuddle and then outside again. Brilliant!

I like normal Mondays and my MH has told me that all my days will be normal for a long time now, so that makes me a very happy little Squeak!

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